Friday, January 11, 2008


A lot of things happening in the news as of late

- Briteny Spears get's to put in an ambulance
- An Asteroid may hit Mars
- Gas prices are going up more
- the next president of the united states looks like to be a woman or a black man

I went to the mall a couple of days ago to just look around i want a ps3 so bad 80gb one they are still at $499.99 dollars here plus tax.

I am planning on saving my money up for one

The virtual reality universe

The virtual reality universe

Those of us who are more conspiracy oriented have long believed that the global elites have lied to us about things like the Federal Reserve, the Kennedy assassination, Oklahoma City, 9/11, and so on. But suppose that these are just their smallest lies, and that above these is the ultimate lie. Suppose that they have lied to us about the basic nature of reality itself, about that and about who and what we really are, and what are our true origins. Suppose that what we call the "real world" is more like virtual reality, a world composed entirely of data, of information.

Subtly and not so subtly the elites for decades have pushed the idea of philosophical materialism and atheism, using the schools and universities and the controlled media to indoctrinate people in the belief that the prime reality is matter, or, in the parlance of modern physics, mass/energy/space/time, the observable, measurable physical universe so beloved by our logical positivist scientists, or what passes for scientists these days. They believe that consciousness is a mere secondary manifestation of matter, with the brain being a sort of electro chemical computer. Of course, in such a universe, there is no place for God, so they also promote atheism and attack religion at every opportunity, conducting, these days, a virtual war against Christianity and Judaism, and promoting the insidious doctrine of moral relativism. Of course, the schools exclusively teach the Darwinian view of evolution, and exclude all mention of intelligent design, which, after all, requires a Designer.

This doctrine, until the time of the French Revolution, was rarely accepted, an early exception being the Epicurean poet Lucretius, who wrote De Rerum Natura. It is important to note that, ultimately, the materialists cannot define matter, but only describe it, and that they are a bit hazy on the details of consciousness.

All along, however, there has been an opposing view, philosophical idealism, which claims that the prime reality is mind/spirit/soul/consciousness/thought, which, ultimately idealists cannot define. In this philosophy the physical universe (and much more) consists of the mind's thoughts .If this view seems unrealistic to most people, it is because we have all been programmed to think it so. Actually, simple logic can show that the idealist view is almost certainly the correct one.

Suppose that a materialist has before him a table. How does he really, truly know beyond all doubt that the table has a reality independent of his mind? This is no mere sophistry; it is vitally important that we understand what the real certainties are. The materialist will say that he sees the table. Asked how, he will say that light is reflected from it and is focused by the lenses of his eyes upon his retinas, causing the optic nerves to send a signal to his brain. But how does he know with absolute certainty that light exists, or his eyes, or that his consciousness is composed of a physical brain? The materialist may argue that he can touch and feel the table, but, again, how does he know for sure that he has physical hands? All he knows with certainty is that he thinks he sees and feels the table, and he thinks that light exists, and he thinks that he has eyes, hands, and a brain. In other words, all that any of us can be sure of is that we think, in other words, we are minds and consciousness exists. The physical universe out there may or may not have an independent existence.

And yet materialists insist that the physical universe, whose very existence is unproven, is the prime reality, and that thought, the only thing we can be sure of, is secondary. Isn't this backward reasoning? Isn't it vastly more likely that the reverse is true?

The implications of idealism are far reaching. For us all to more or less perceive the same reality around us, to see the same objects, for example, our minds must be interconnected at some level. But if we are all connected, we are all part of a vast, universal mind, which means that there is some kind of supreme being. In other words, as Jews and Christians insist, God is a being, not just a concept. But, as Eastern mystics insist, we are all part of God. Understand that there is also a Christian mystical tradition, and that I am not advocating here the kind of perverted pantheism that leads to nature worship. As to the true nature of God, that remains a mystery. Also, if our minds are the prime reality, there must be some kind of afterlife, either reincarnation or existence in a spiritual realm. And if there is a supreme being, it is likely that there are moral absolutes.

And, if the universe is a great mind, a consensus reality or virtual reality of which we are all components, thought and symbol matter. In other words, we live in a magical universe. When the elites do their monstrous acts on certain dates and on certain parallels of latitude, this enhances their power. They at least partly understand the nature of things and use the magic against us.

And the one thing that they fear above all else is that we will awaken to the true nature of reality, remember who and what we are, and send the elites and their henchmen back down into the darkness from whence they came.

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