Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebuttal to Life After Death: Examining the Evidence

There's a blog post out there where the blogger says that the evidence for an afterlife probably doesn't exist based on what the scientific evidence has shown. He couldn't be any more wrong. He says We can think of a simple test setup. Place a target, such as a card with a secret message, on a high shelf in the operating room, facing the ceiling so that it is unreadable not only by the patient on the table but by the hospital staff in the room. Then if a patient has a near-death experience that involves the commonly reported sensation of moving outside her body and floating above the operating table, she should be able to read that message. Yes, but there is one big factor that would play a major role here that is not being accounted for and that is if you were outside your own body would your attention be on seeing a sign. Your main attention would be on seeing our own body laying there on the operating table. That doesn't mean controlled experiments can't be done. They can but they need to rule out this factor. Then says Furthermore, none of these people returned from the dead. A flat EEG us not brain death because it only measures activity on the surface of the brain. And there is no way of determining that the experience actually happened during a flat EEG. Most likely the experience happened before or after, when the brain was highly active I guess this guy never heard what an EEG expert has to say on this skeptic argument. Then he says that no replicable scientific evidence has ever been found for an immaterial mind. Which is wrong and I have mentioned many of the evidence's that supports the view that consciousness probably does survive the death of the brain.

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