Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Substance Dualism is indeed still alive

It is often claimed throughtout the web and textbooks and lectures that substance dualism is dead!!!. Nothing can be further from the truth, the naturalists proclaim that substance dualism invokes a non physical substance dualism that can't be detected. No naturalist admits that a substance dualist, sees the soul as a different type of matter that has different properties as well as its not bound by the known physical laws that we are know of.

That this different type of matter obeys a different set of physical laws where time doesn't exist. We know now that there is more than one type of matter than what we know of as well as possible universes with different physical laws as well. We also can very imagine different types of matter that are totally indestructible from the matter that makes up our physical bodies.

Naturalists say that brain damage affects personality radically as well as the fact that personality doesn't back. But they couldn't be more wrong, it appears that personality, memories etc can come back just shortly before death. As in people who have near death experiences where can physical impairment, also with any mental impairment is restored.

Happy Easter Everyone

I like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!!.

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