Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our side loosing force!!!

It seems that way to some degree when Winston Wu says he believes in the conspiracy
theory that 9/11 was an inside job. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that it was an inside job. All the evidence points to contrary!, this will give off the
impression that anyone that thinks that their is life after death must also believe in conspiracy theories, the lochness monster, big foot etc. This certainly isn't true but skeptics will say that a lot of them do. Fine maybe so certainly some do believe in conspiracy and the like such as David Icke. Which I think is a total nutcase the only thing i agree with him on is that their is life after death probably.

From what i said above you may think i'm closed minded and that i only discuss topics that i find that i must emotionally defend. I disagree the reason why i think that their is an afterlife is based on my evaluation and research into this topic. The reason why I don't believe in any conspiracy theories is because there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that supports any of them. However sadly the point is David Icke, Winston Wuu and others do significant damage to our side they certainly don't help the evidence for survival get at least considered by mainstream science as well as the evidence for psi.

This post is a response to a recent blog post by Author Michael Prescott where he roots for JREF when it comes Winston's Wu's believe in the 9/11 conspiracy


Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to enable Adminstrator account on Windows XP

Ever accidentially disable your Administrator Account? if so here is how to enable it.

First restart your computer
Second keep pressing F8 until save mode shows up
Third get into save mode then once in press ctrl+atl+delete a few times until the login screen shows up
Fourth type in Adminstrator then clik ok
Fifth your now in click start then administrative tools go to computer managment
It should say users and groups click on the plus sign to expand
click on users then in adminstrator double click it under description it says account is disabled uncheck that option then restart your computer. Now your adminstrator should now be enabled. It worked for me.

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