Thursday, August 16, 2018

New study done on DMT and it's relationship with NDE?

A recent study has been published and materialists are touting it as evidence that near death experiences are brain based phenomenon. That DMT experiences are very similar to Near Death Experiences. Let's delve into this more and we shall see that is no true.

DMT experience is no where near similar to an actual Near Death Experience. First of all, near death experiencer's don't encounter mechanical elves in hyper space. Second, no near death experience reports a high pitched whining/whirring sound during the onset of their experience. Third, people who take DMT their life is not fundamentally changed for the rest of their life. It only feels temporarily real to them where someone who has a nde it feels real to them for the rest of their life a permanent change. Fourth, their are lots of cases of people who see things they couldn't have possibly have seen while being clinically dead. Fifth, people who take dmt don't report seeing deceased loved ones. Sixth, recall is often difficult with people who have a DMT experience. People who had a NDE are very often their recall is very long and detailed and carry on with the emotions and feelings of that experience many years later. Two cases for example of out of body veridical perception were mentioned in my last post. This study does not support methodological Naturalism, but instead continues to throw old explanations that have been clearly refuted.

Here is a link to the study

Also here is an excellent article showing why near death experiences are not DMT trips.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Some links that support the view that the brain filters/receives consciousness

Here they are just some of them

Does consciousness depend on the brain? by Chris Carter

Does Schizophrenia suggest a filter theory of consciousness? by Michael Prescott

The Most unbelievable Eye on earth belongs to a creature with no Brain

Friday, August 3, 2018

Two more powerful cases that supports the view that there is an afterlife

I recently discovered two powerful cases providing further scientific evidence for near death experiences/out of body experiences. One of them reported by Dr. Norma Bowe from Kean University. The patient suffered an extreme case of OCD, which led her to having a counting problem. What is remarkable about this case is she saw a 12 digit serial number where the only way to see the serial number would be if you had a ladder in order to see it from a standing position .

As it would be impossible to read the 12 digit serial number from just a standing position. More can be found here, just scroll down the page to just about the bottom of the page.

The second case is from an anesthesiologist Christopher Yerington. The patient a male was able to recall from memory when the patient was clinically dead before the operation and then dead another 94 minutes in the middle of the operation!.

Harry Houdini really did come through with his message after his death?. Dr. Gary Schwartz Soul Phone Experiments

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