Saturday, September 28, 2013

GiftHulk is Awesome

I love this site its called Gifthulk. Let me explain how it works you simply do tasks that pay hulk coins, as well as you can play guess the card game and purchase with your hulk coins chips that you can play the game with. If you find the Joker in the deck of cards you win hundred hulk coins, also you get boosts that are a percentage you can gain extra from offerwalls where you can complete offers for more coins. There are numerous of rewards you can get such as paypal and amazon gift cards. If you reach diamond level you will get an instant ten dollar gift card. How awesome is that?. Plus you can go to there survey section and earn more hulk coins there the surveys pay very well.

Also, in the search section you can search every ten minutes and earn four hulk coins everytime. There is a playground section which is coming very soon to gifthulk. Gifthulk tv for every five videos watched you earn twenty hulk coins there is no limit on the rounds completed either. In there ez coin section every completed offer from that section will give you more chips too to play guess the card game as well as earn you even more hulk coins. I highly recommend this site to everyone its an awesome site and you will enjoy it very much.

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