Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rebuttal to Adam Who on the Infidels forum

Adam Who recently made some comments on the infidels forum accusing believers as he calls them for making up excuses, lame arguments etc.

Here is what he said about believers

There are countless posters over the years which have come with many tactics but one of the favorites is the 'JAQing off' (Just asking a question) game

1. Come with an agenda. (creationist, psuedoscience, politics you name it... even pedophiles and neo-nazis)

- Talking about agenda how ironic he's made it perfectly clear that he's got an agenda from his responses he gave me as well as other posters.

2. Start with "I am just asking a question" when they had no intention of actually listening or learning something.

3. When confronted with facts they play the "oh your so closed minded" card or if they have taken a philosophy class they might use "but we really cannot know anything"

I don't remember me saying your so closed minded I just refuted him with counter arguments that he didn't like. Also, many times I was listening to their replys to my own posts however none of them hold any water. That of course makes them go on the defensive.

4. When finally cornered and called on their BS. They will either lash-out and windup getting banned, pretend some false humility and start JAQ with the next idea or a new naive poster, or they just might leave.

Yes cornered by a bunch of naturalists who are not willing to consider the possibility that they maybe wrong.

5. Repeat as needed

Not necessary

Adam- The bottom line is that this forum has always been about debunking and that can be an ugly business for the true believers.

Yes your correct Adam and I would urge anyone who has looked at the evidence for life after death and psi to stay clear of the infidels forum. Because they will go to such lengths as attacking your character calling you mentally unstable among other things.

He also goes on and says that pseudoscientists use scientism to discredit naturalist scientists who use facts and evidence.

"In practice it is an attempt to discredit someone who uses facts and evidence to trump the subjective experiences or feelings of a believer".

- No it isn't its naturalist scientists who use apriori assumptions on the nature of reality.

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