Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Psi Falsified?

Any good theory can be falsified by repeated experiments, Super Psi appears to have been falsified based all thousands and thousands of experiments producing weak psi effects inside a laboratory setting. I know Dean Radin still believes that psi could be a function of the brain therefore leaving the door open to Super Psi and also satisfying the materialists who won't accept the evidence for psi until there is a strong psi effect.

Knowing that psi is weak in a laboratory setting greatly strengthens the case for survival of bodily death but also appears to verify that it's the better hypothesis out of the two. If it was shown that strong psi existed into a laboratory setting at least a lot of the time this would falsify the survival hypothesis therefore making super psi the better hypothesis.

However that isn't what is happening it's time for Dean Radin along with other parapsychologists who think there is better evidence for psi among the living to accept the fact that the evidence is based on weak effects which therefore doesn't account for the evidence in support of the survival hypothesis. That however doesn't mean i think psi doesn't exist i do think psi phenomena exist but not super psi. The survival hypothesis predicts that psi will be commonly weak and this is the outcome been consistently occuring. So what do you think which is better supported the survival hypothesis or the super psi hypothesis?.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite New Songs

10. Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas

9. Waving Flag by the Young Artists for Haiti

8. Baby by Justin Beiber

7. If we ever meet again by Katy Perry and Timbaland

6. Rude boy by Rihanna

5. Blah Blah Blah by Kesha

4. Alice by Avril Lavigne

3. American Honey by Lady Antebellum

2. Highway twenty ride by Zac Brown Band

1. Temporary home by Carrie Underwood

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Skills Link Program Open House

There was a open house at skills link in Stellarton Nova Scotia i went because i am one of the individuals that is in the program. It's an awesome program funded by the government of Canada. Me and one of my co-workers Daniel did a power point presentation in front of about 40 people discussing all about the program and how it gives youth the chance to find employment out in the community. My two teachers are Angela and Nikkie both two good teachers. Also another teacher we work with Dorothy Dole she does the Whmis training course with us. We will be doing First Aid too. Peter Mackay wasn't at the open house.

Co Workers that i work with on a daily basis:


Kevin is already out in the work force now and David now has a full time job too. Soon all of us will have a full time job out in the community. There was a cake at the open house lol sobeys store got in wrong it said open blouse skills link summerstreet suppose to be instead open house skills link summerstreet. So Angela went back to Sobeys to complain how they messed up the cake.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Study on Near Death Experiences

This study says that CO2 maybe the cause of the near death experience where they report a reunion with loved ones, a bright light etc. The problem is that other researchers have previously looked at blood carbon dioxide levels in relation to near-death experiences. In contrast to the Slovenian group's findings, Dr.Bruce Greyson says "what few data we have point in the opposite direction."

One earlier study found an association between these experiences and below-average carbon dioxide levels, whereas another failed to detect a significant difference in patients with versus without near-death experiences.

You can read the article here

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A very funny commerical!!!

It's a commerical from Castrol with an Irish man with a whip saying "you got to think with your dipstick Jimmy" Lmao.

Tallest Men and Women in the world

Here is the tallest man and woman alive today.

Ukranian Leonid Stadnyk 8 ft 4

China Yao Defen 7 ft 6

My workout today

Took a long walk from my workplace through the trail and back.
Went for another long walk from my home and around some sidewalks and streets.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Price of Pizza

The price of pizza keeps going up at insane prices here where I am living. Sams pizza the place where i mostly order pizza from 2 large pizzas combinations are 2 for $30.00. That's $15.00 each thats expensive for two large pizzas.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rebuttal to Sceptico not Skeptiko

There was a post i have come across where the poster said this blog is "Sceptico not Skeptiko" which is the podcast i often post about. I like to rebut him or her with this statement he made.

I will put his words in bold Explore the possibility that the existing materialistic paradigm might be overturned (and may already be at a tipping poin).

Standard woo. And complete drivel.

This is a common skeptical tactic to call a statement you don't agree with woo. Of course, this poster is certain that materialism is correct and no evidence is going to overturn his viewpoint.

This poster has his own woo handbook which he thinks best describes woo woos this is obviously the best he/her can do. Coming up with tactics that woo woos use he thinks is a way for him not to argue at all. How arrogant is that?.

Pro Wrestler Chris Kanyon Dead at 40 years old

Chris Kanyon a professional wrestler died this weekend it looks like he took his own life at the age of 40 years old. We the wrestling world will miss you Kanyon RIP.

Harry Houdini really did come through with his message after his death?. Dr. Gary Schwartz Soul Phone Experiments

It looks like the Soul Experiments are gathering strong positive results. This article describes a breakthrough in the development of a stag...