Monday, September 28, 2009


Well over the past few days i downloaded mugen, this is a game where you can install tons and tons of characters. You can play the game on your own desktop and yes the game is 100 percent free to install. So are the characters, stages etc. My roster of characters so far is pretty good.

My roster for Mugen

- Fat Albert
- Batman
- Homer Simpson
- Rocky Balboa
- Green Ranger
- Pink Ranger
- Black Ranger
- Red Ranger
- Superman
- Catwoman
- Bin Laden
- The Thing
- Megazord
- White Ranger
- Doll
- Bowser
- Mario
- Luiga
- Justice
- Metool
- Vader
- Soul
- Ronald
- Donatello
- Shaq
- Wolverine
- Ryu
- Green Lantern
- The Shredder
- Robocop
- Pop Eye
- Godzilla
- The Joker
- Bugs Bunny
- Bloom
- Sailor Moon
- Sub-Zero
- Kintaro

and much more!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Response To The Shameless Atheist

Here are my responses of a debate i had with the blogger you owns this blog. To see his responses go to his blog

Rather you like it or not their is strong evidence that nde’s are evidence for an afterlife. Let me explain why, yes their is deep level brain activity in deep levels of the brain. However, EEG can read the cortex of the brain and when flat lined people still have nde’s and obe’s. The flat line EEG indicates their is very little brain activity left in the cortex when blood flow is cut to the brain when someone goes into cardiac arrest. Jason Braithwaite said that those deep lower processes of the brain is more than sufficent to account for near death experiences. However it order for his theory to work. Their would have to be evidence that stimulating those processes of the brain when someone is flat lined can bring about complex though processes etc that are reported in nde’s.

I quote

“By late 2008 an advertisement for a previously unknown public appearance by Gage had been discovered, as well as a report of his physical and mental condition during his time in Chile, and a description of what may well have been his daily work routine there as a long-distance coach driver. This new information suggests that the seriously maladapted Gage described by Harlow may have existed for only a limited time after the accident—that Phineas eventually “figured out how to live” despite his injury,[40] and was in later life much more functional, and socially much better adapted, than has been thought”.[41]

So as we see that his personality back, however their is good reasons to doubt Harlows account.

I quote

“The uncertainty of Harlow’s sources for the changes he describes in Gage, combined with the fact that he waited almost twenty years (between his first and second papers) to communicate those changes, constitute one of the main puzzles of the case.”

So as we still it is looking more and more less likely that he suffered dramatic personality change to the point of showing evidence for full blown mind-brain dependency. This case is often cited by full blown support for very strong mind-brain dependency. But as i have shown it’s no where near supportive of it.

As far as free will goes ok go away deny the all so obvious. How do you explain why a person’s arm goes up. Now you can say well that is the thing with the arm sometimes it goes up and sometimes it doesn’t. But the fact is it does.

The chinese room argument, put forth by philosopher John Searle, is a powerful argument that shows why computationalism is wrong. The many world’s interpretation if correct would show that quantum immortality is possible that when a person dies. Consciousness continues on to another parellel universe.

Hello Shamelessly Atheist,

The Phineas Gage case yes their was significant personality changes however that is not incompatiable with dualism. Based on the fact that the issue is the brain producing mind and consciousness like a productive function? or is the brain a receiver of the mind.?

As far as the split brain experiments go they no where near demonstrates their are two separate conscious selves.

There are a lot of powerful arguments that the view that materialism is wrong .

Phineas Gage lost his personality permanently?. It looks that is not the case, because of the fact that he was more functional and social shortly after his accident.

“The strange case of Phineas Gage,” History of the Human Sciences

After his death, Gage slowly morphed into the lecture room legend. According to Kotowicz,

” Most of the subsequent descriptions of Gage were based on hearsay. Some of them were quite florid; Gage was portrayed as having fits of temper when not getting his own way, as being disinclined to work, as having a reduced libido, as being an aimless drifter and so on. A typical description of him would say that before the accident Gage had been a diligent, reliable, polite and socially adept person: after his accident, he subsequently became uncaring, profane and socially inappropriate in his conduct”.

In neurophilosophy we learn this

The Documentary Evidence

Kotowicz begs to differ:

However, after examining closely the accounts of Phineas Gage as given by the doctors who knew him, Harlow and Bigelow, one must conclude that the supposed psychopathic traits are not evident.

The drastic discontinuity was not so much between Phineas Gage pre- and post-tamping rod but between Phineas Gage (1823-1860) and the lecture room legend.

What we can learn from contemporary accounts of Gage’s post-trauma life is this: For a while after the accident, he drifted, and even ended up briefly in P. T. Barnum’s freak show, exhibiting himself and the tamping rod. But he then settled down and worked a year and a half in a stable. Later, he went with a friend to Valparaiso in Chile where he cared for horses and drove a coach and six for eight years.

Kotowicz points out the obvious,

Working in stables is not a job for a psychopath. Horses are very sensitive and they require discipline and calm; they have to be attended to regularly, seven days a week, and work begins early.

Malcolm Macmillan of Deakin University School of Psychology in Victoria, Australia, where he maintains a Phineas Gage page. He writes:

Most of the accounts of Gage’s life after 1848 are strange mixtures of slight fact, considerable fancy, and downright fabrication.

Now contrasts all of the above information to this materialist account of Phineas Gage’s personality.

As far as i know and yes i read lots of articles, and go to skeptical sites to, neuroscientists haven't been able to induce key aspects of obe's. Instead what the people who had a part of their brain electrically stimulated reported distortions of their body from above [such as their legs becoming shorter, and arms becoming shorter. If you compared nde cases brought on by cardiac arrest with induced ndes you see their are big differences. Yes in some cases that is possible that details can be added but not by patients who were interviewed shortly after being unconscious.

Also what is your opinion on Richard Wiseman's statement that ESP has been proven by the scientific method but requires a higher level of evidence. Denial there for sure, nowhere does he mentions what his higher level of evidence would be?. The scientific method is the best method we have at getting at the truth.

As far as the science of violation goes. The only thing that can be demonstrated by this type of evidence is that there is some brain mechanism involved to facilitate consciousness during our incarnated existence. This does not at all mean the contents of consciousness are themselves caused by the brain mechanism. In other words, the evidence can be perfectly interpreted in terms of the transmitter-receiver hypothesis.

Brain scanners can see your decisions before to make them< [One of the main responses seems to me that there is an interaction of brain and mind, so that the role of the brain does not exclude a separate role of the mind[.

Here is a good paper by Titus Rivas and Hein Van Dongen showing why epiphenomenalism is untenable.

Also, other cases of brain damage to the frontal lobes of the brain are similiar to the case of Phineas Gage above. Their is no doubt that his personality was probably changed a lot however not so dramatically changed that it is evidence that the mind and brain are so linked that their is no way that personality could survive death.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Classic Rocky Movies Are Some Of My Favorite Movies

Especially rocky 3 and 4 where Rocky Balboas went up against Clubber Lang in rocky 3 and in rocky 4 went up against Ivan Drago. I enjoy all of the rocky movies though but those two are my favorite ones out of the other four rocky movies that came out. There are many things i like about all of the rocky movies from 1 to 6 and that is they inspire me and i am sure i ain't just that i am, i know many others were probably inspire by them too. The message is never give up, when your training in the gym give it all you got. Determination is the major thing that you need obviously in order to stay in the gym busting your ass off.

Music that i enjoy from rocky movies that give me strength and tell me to never give up.

- The Burning Heart
- Hearts on Fire
- Eye of the Tiger
- The Measure of a Man
- No easy way out
- It's a Fight

The Measure of a Man

Eye of the Tiger

Burning Heart

Hearts on Fire

Measure of a Man

It's a Fight

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Will Is It Real Or An Illusion?

Some believe free will is real while others believe it's just a illusion. A powerful illusion that we strongly believe we have but we don't. While i strongly disagree, it's very evident that we have free will to some degree anyways. One such example that we have some free will is the fact that are arms go up when we get out of bed in the morning. You can say well that is the thing with the old arm sometimes it goes up and someones it doesn't. But the fact remains the arms go up. For a epiphenomenalism to work it has to show why a simple observation of the arm moving up and down is just an illusion. Of course free will conflicts with the current scientific worldview which is naturalism.

On a off-topic note on my father: He is doing good, my mom had to go to the Halifax hospital to see my father. The doctors there are running tests on his heart to see if another blood clot form in his heart.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rupert Sheldrake exposes Richard Dawkins as a Fundamentalist Pseudoskeptic

RIP Patrick Swayze

If you haven't already heard actor Patrick Swayze has died from cancer at the age of 57 years old . Without a doubt he will be missed, for lots of things. We will all miss you Patrick. Thanks for the good times, we will see you again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Very Bad News!!!

Not good news, this morning my Mom got a phone call from the hospital. My father had small heart attacks , now they have him hooked up to a machine giving him morphine. My mom was in tears and so am i , were both depressed. Our big concern now is a lot of the time well small heart attacks can lead to a big heart attack. My sister came down this morning saying he may need a pacemaker. Also our cat Mancub took another seizure this morning, he didn't have one for 40 days. Very sad right now, and angry as well, at the doctor who gave him a lot of medication. Which i think probably cause his small heart attacks. Also a part of his heart is now weaker obviously after the small heart attacks. Damn, i never really believed in miracles before but me and my family really need a big one now.

If anyone sees this post, please pray for my family right now. We can sure use it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Family Not Having Good Luck

First, my brother Roddy's and his wife Tanya's truck was stolen. Tanya forgot her truck keys and left them in the truck, after a long day of work. He also left 20 dollars in her wallet in the car along with all of her cards. The police found their truck and it was inbounded. He does have insurance on his vehicle which is good news. Second, my brother Tommy and his girlfriend Becky got the bad news that they won't get custody of Skyler and Trinity. The case worker taking of this case of child abuse. His past girlfriend Melissa abused the kids, and is now out of town afraid probably of charges that will be layed on her. The case worker had the nerve to say that my brother was selfish, that he thought of himself before the kids. Which is not true at all.

Third, this is what happened, me and my mom we went to the library. Tommy and Becky took my father for a drive, Tommy and Becky with my father got back before we did, he went to go the bedroom didn't make it. He fell on the floor near the mircowave. We got home my mom saw him their on the floor he had a couple of bruises on him from landing. My Mom got my brother Tommy to take him to the hospital so they went away to the hospital. My mom said when she got home that they did a bunch of tests on him in the emergency room. As far as the doctors know based on the tests he has very low blood pressure. They think it's because of him being on three different medications for his blood pressure. When he's sleeping his blood pressure is normal but as soon as he gets up it drops a lot. So the doctors are keeping him in to closely monitor his blood pressure. He should be out in a few days. This happened yesterday.

My Mom and my sister are going over to the hospital, they only allow two vistors to see the patient at one time. They they are going to be seeing my father this afternoon. My poor mom and i too found it hard to sleep last night no wonder after all of the bad luck we have had as of late.

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Year Since The Attacks Of 9-11

Now 8 years since the 9-11 attacks we will never forget the pain, horror and tragedy that struck on that day. Neither will we forget all of the firefighters who risked their lives to try to save all of the incident victims. We shall never forget our of the ones who lost their lives and the pain that their families and that that everyone else experienced on that day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rebuttal To Skeptic's Magazine Jason Braithwaite View That Pim Lommel's NDE Study Doesn't Support The Survival Hypothesis

So what is the problem with his view?. I will explain, first he mentions that quite recently doctors have found some deep level brain activity in persistent vegetative patients and in deep coma's. This is no surprise and it's likely their probably is high level brain activity in the non cortical processes of the brain. However those non cortical processes with high brain activity don't bring about thoughts, memories etc. It usually is assumed to be the cortical regions of the brain which have been shown by a flat EEG to have very little activity there. There no doubt there is a little bit of activity in the cortex but that would no where near account for high complex thought processes, and memories that occur in near death experiences. So for Jason's Braithwaite view to work, their would have to be evidence showing that stimulating deep level non cortical processes of the brain take over high level functions of the brain,and explain high level thought processes. But here is the catch, according to neuropsychology that is very improbable. This is why Pim Van Lommel concluded that his study supports the survival hypothesis because of the observations that it didn't fit into a brain based model.

Jason Braithwaite says and i quote

"He cites evidence that inter-ictal discharges in the hippocampus or amygdala alone are more than sufficient to produce complex meaningful hallucinations - no involvement from the cortex is necessary.

My Response: But here is the catch, those patients report distortion in their bodies legs becoming shorter, not seeing their body down below etc. This is the opposite of what patients with out of body experiences report.

I challenge all skeptics that are skeptical that near death experiences and out of body experiences provide supporting evidence for life after death. For them to show any problems with my reasoning above.

More On Medium Arthur Ford's Breaking The Houdini Code Or Did He?

It now looks like Arthur Ford was indeed a fraud, before his death he wrote this article.

Now to the reason why i think he is now a fraud. It's because Keith Augustine presented to me some information from wikipedia.

I quote

Ford's Hidden Archives

"After Arthur Ford's death, Ford's close friend and supporter William V. Rauscher and author Allen Spraggrett discovered Ford's collection of obituaries, newspaper clippings, Who's Who articles, etc. that Ford had hidden away. They were disguised as bound poetry books. Ford read his poetry before giving a reading. There was enough information to indicate that much of the famous Pike messages and others were fraudulent.[citation needed] There were many other things that Ford ordered his secretary to burn that are lost. Ford and his secretary parted company due to a falling out. Ford's secretary claimed Ford had no psychic abilities. The book Arthur Ford: The Man Who Talked with the Dead by Allen Spraggett with William V. Rauscher, New American Library, Inc.,1973 gives the whole story and is the primary source used in Alcock's book".

Also here is a good blogpost created by Michael Prescott who discusses Arthur Ford.

However, their are at least one incident where it appears he had legitimate psychic abilites.

Go here to read this incident which appears to strongly suggest he had legitimate psychic abilties some of the time.

Some new information I have come across seems to call into question that Arthur Ford was a complete fraud.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mind, Brain and Consciousness

Materialists point out like we dualists already know that mind is radically affected by the effects of brain damage, drugs etc. Mind is information based so it's no surprise it's affected by these affects. This mind is connected to consciousness[subjective qualia]. This is the soul the essence of a person that is similiar to the physical body but slightly different. This is my take on things when it comes to the mind body problem. Of course i know many philosophers and neuroscientists would disagree. Just want to point out how i describe consciousness and the mind this appears to fit very well with the known facts from what we know in neuroscience. Except, of course for the last part that their is a immaterial soul that is connected to the mind and the brain. The evidence from the cross correspondences, book tests, drop in communicators among many other lines of evidence strongly points too not just that consciousness[soul] survives death but also the information[mind] continues as well.

Of course, i could be wrong about all of this. Perhaps all of the evidence that points strongly that we survive along with all other species is all just fraud, delusion, unconscious fraud etc. Perhaps but after many decades of extensive research done by many psychical research it sures look unlikely.

Friday, September 4, 2009

James Randi Fighting Intestinal Cancer

Apparently from what i read through the internet James Randi famed debunker of paranormal claims has intestinal cancer. Even though i disagree strongly with his views on the evidence for psi phenomena and survival of bodily death. That his challenge has many problems. My best wishes go out to James Randi and his family . It doesn't look good for him according to doctors he has a 50/50 prognosis for the next 5 years.

Dean Radin Psi Research

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