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A Typical Near Death Experience

Here is what a typical Near Death Experience and how many people who experience one there lives change.

We have all read of Near Death Experiences, but to go through one yourself can be very meaningful. All impressions we receive on a daily basis will be shaped and conditioned by the Bodily container that holds our true inner self, where these experiences are understood and stored. Our upbringing and religion can also impede our understating of these important events, which should act as landmarks in our spiritual life.This adverse mental conditioning can also brought about by education, some religionists and psychologists are in favour of an afterlife, and many are not. Author Victor Zammit has had on offer for many years the sum of £1000,000 to anyone who can show there is no afterlife. My mother was for many years the hospital night sister, and saw many people pass into the next world, as a child I would hear her tell my father when she got home of the nights events, unfortunately her up-bringing as a strict Roman Catholic,coloured the facts of what often occurred, but over 30 years I would hear the same stories from her lips. Always the person dying would reach what is termed the “plateau” this is a comfortable place experienced by the dying, where long dead friends and relations will come to welcome them across the river of death, and often mention of a tunnel with a light at the end, this conforms to the birth experience into this world, descending the birth canal into the light, and remember that just as a baby is born into this world, so it dies to the world it knew before, and so it is with the next.

I remember my mother saying that the dying will so often say; that so and so is there in the room cant you see them ? But my own experience was that I was in hospital and not expected to live,I was lapsing in and out of consciousness, when in the small hours, I could see from my small room through the partially open door, a party of about 5 spirit people standing in the corridor watching the door to the next room, where a man was very ill. I heard the party of people say to a spirit lady in an off white suit, grey hair and a string of pearls who seemed to be in charge, that a sick man did not want to come with them, and she would have to speak to him, intuition said she was his mother.The mans voice from the room was raised as he said, “go away, I am not coming with you, leave me alone,” and this went on for some while as the party standing outside got more anxious about how long it was all taking. I looked at the clock and it was ten to four in the morning when it all went quiet, and the lady and the little group left with the confused man from the next room.

At breakfast I joked with the nurse that the man in the next room had had nocturnal visitors who had come to help him away, her reply was that she was there as one of the night staff and no-one had died during the night., I insisted he had died at ten to four in the morning.This nurse came back white faced some short time after and said; “how did you know he died at 4 in the morning, I was on duty and even I did not know until I checked the night book “?I then told her in detail how the party of people outside had kept me awake debating who would go to fetch him as it was his time, and they decided on the grey haired woman to persuade him.The nurse was in some shock as she had told the other night staff of my earlier comments, which seemed to fit the known facts, this meant that over my stay in hospital I was visited by the nursing staff, caterers, doctors and admin, all wanting me to see what I could see for them, most took what I said well, a couple were scared, and a doctor was quite hostile to what she said was pandering to superstition.A philosopher once said three things in life are guaranteed,“birth, taxes and death “ we have so much knowledge about the first two,but death is for many families a forbidden topic.These words of Newman sum it up nicely.“and with the morn these angel faces smile,which I have loved long since and lost, a while.

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Telepathy, My Top 10 Things I Like To Do

Telepathy is the ability to read someone else's mind. Dr.Rupert Sheldrake has been doing experiments dogs to see if they know when their owners to coming home.

Richard Wiseman did experiments with Rupert Sheldrake on a dog called Jaytee here's a good article on it how Rupert Sheldrake got positive results for psi and Richard Wiseman said he did not then then Rupert Sheldrake looked at both date his and Wiseman and found that both got identical positive results for psi.

Here is the 10 things I like to do for fun:

1. lift weights
2. listen to music
3. watch ghost whisperer, celebrity paranormal project, ghostly encounters
4. read
5. play viddeo games
6. watch wrestling on tv
7. play basketball
8. go to the mall
9. go to the beach
10. watch movies

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Haunted House Case

This is the most ming boggling case I have ever saw on tv.I like to report about a haunted house case i saw back on television it was on the Discovery Channel the show is called A Haunting it's based on real life encounters with the paranormal this was about a year ago it was about a business man called Edward he had maids in a house now he used to abuse them. This was back in World War 2 now a family moved in to the place. At first the young girl started seeing a guy with a black suit and black hair then the older girl started seeing the apparition too then finally the mother. The family decided to call in some paranormal investigators. The investigators dug up some history about the house that's when they found out a man called Edward and a couple of housemaids used to live in the house as well. They showed a picture of what Edward looked like both the girls and mother both confirmed it was Edward. Now next they decided to take a blank tape and tape recorded into the house they decided to press play and record and live the house to see if anything could be picked up next day they rewind the tape and what they heard shock them first was the sound of them leaving the door shutting then Edwards voice was heard he said ''you didn't tell them did you did you". His voice came on by the way very clear.

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There is a strange phenomena called Bilocation whereby the body of the eprson concerned is supernaturally duplicated, the double sometimes appearing at a distant place.

Here's a interesting case on classical disappearances

Greek poet Homer in his Iliad, which was composed within the eighth century BC, also the old testament provides us with more miraculous departures from the world of the patriarch Enoch and the prophet Ellijah.

A roman in fact the first roman who mysteriously vanished is none other than Romulus, from whom the name of Rome derives from.

Romus and Remus are popularly regarded as lengendary figures, yet there is no good reason at all to think that they did not exist. Their so called divine birth- they were to be the sons of the war god Mars.

There are several accounts of Romulus's disappearance, all slightly different. One version has him inexplicably vanishing while giving the instructions to Rome senators at the temple of Vulcan on the afternoon of July 7th 714 BC.

While Plutarch's version represents Romulus disappearance as being accompanied by both an eclipse and by a violent storm mentioned by Livy, which would certainly have made a frightening combination and prompted people to run for their lives.

Out Of Body Verdical Experience List

verdical nde perceptions's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm

1. The case of Al Sullivan: Al was a 55 year old truck driver who was undergoing triple by-pass surgery when he had a powerful NDE that included an encounter with his deceased mother and brother-in-law, who told Al to go back to his to tell one of his neighbors that their son with lymphoma will be OK. Furthermore, during the NDE, Al accurately noticed that the surgeon operating on him was flapping his arms in an unusual fashion, with his hands in his armpits. When he came back to his body after the surgery was over, the surgeon was startled that Al could describe his own arm flapping, which was his idiosyncratic method of keeping his hands sterile.

2. The case of the Chinese woman: The author Maggie Callanan in her 1993 book, Final Gifts, wrote about an elderly Chinese woman who had an NDE in which she saw her deceased husband and her sister. She was puzzled since her sister wasn't dead, or so she thought. In actuality, her family had hid her sister's recent death from her for fear of upsetting her already fragile health.

3. The case of Pam Reynolds:This is reported by Michael Sabom in his book Light and Death. Pam Reynolds underwent a very risky operation to remove an aneurysm from her brain, in which her brain was drained totally of its blood so that the doctors could clip off the swollen blood vessel. During this procedure, Pam had a deep NDE in which she saw all of the details of the operation and later reported on it with complete accuracy, even though she was "dead" by usual criteria (no heartbeat or respiration, and a flat EEG) for much of it.

4. Cases of the blind who can see: As recorded by Kenneth Ring in his book, Mind Sight, there is solid evidence for 31 cases in which blind people report visually accurate information obtained during an NDE.

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Does God Exist?

In my opinion yes he does exist reasons for why he exists the fine-tuning argument, the evidence for survival of bodily death.

I think god is everything that we are one with the source called god.

Now guys such as Richard Dawkins believe that god does not exist that we are a product of evolution however the origin of life remains a mystery we still don't understand hwo proteins form and how to crack the human genome and will still don't under the ape to human transformation and what consciousness is. There's also a general cultural decline that seems to be accompanying the rise of Dawkins's brand of militant secularism; the large number of scientific figures from Newton to Darwin who were raised in religious households without, apparently, forfeiting the ability to think critically -- such forfeiture being an inevitable consequence of a religious upbringing in Dawkins's view

Here's A Interesting Article On Spiritism


By James H. Hyslop.

It was perhaps a year ago or thereabouts that I heard from a friend that President G. Stanley Hall, of Clark University, Worcester, Mass., had had some sittings with Mrs. Piper and I wrote him to express my desire to see the detailed record, but it seems not to have been copied at the time, according to the statement of his reply to me. Again I wrote a week ago and received from him the following reply:
Clark University, October 11th, 1910. My dear Professor Hyslop :
Every single scrap of the record of our sittings with Mrs. Piper has just appeared in the work of Dr. Amy E. Tanner from the Press of Appleton two or three weeks ago under the title " Studies in Spiritism." I have myself in one chapter in the book and also in the introduction given my views full vent and I need not say that I shall await with very great interest your reactions which I hope very much for the benefit of the cause will be as frank as our work has been. With cordial greetings, I am, Very sincerely yours,

President Hall is responsible for the first Introduction in the book and for Chapter XVI entitled " Current Notes by Dr. Hall." The remainder of the book, except interspersed comments, is avowedly by Dr. Tanner who has been his as¬sistant in Clark University work. The review of it will have to be divided, on this account, into two distinct parts, one dealing with the statements of President Hall and the other dealing with those of Dr. Tanner, tho I may have occasion to interfuse the references and discussions with each other.
I shall not enter into a critical defense of the spiritistic hy¬pothesis which the book rejects. That theory is quite ca¬pable of taking care of itself before honest and intelligent people. I do not regard argumentative or controversial de¬fence of that hypothesis as important in comparison with the truthful treatment of facts, and any attempt to change the issue by defending it before one has ascertained the exact facts is to expose oneself to refutation. I am not interested in any view of a subject which does not consist with facts and more than this I freely accord any man complete difference of opinion in regard to them. But woe unto him if he does not state the exact truth and shows either ignorance or prej¬udice about them. Then if there be any constructive lying about the facts I am going to avail myself of every advantage which an act of that kind offers.
Hence as I am not concerned with the views of the book, I shall confine my review of it to the correction of errors of fact and remarks on the character of them. Some of these errors are found in statements by President Hall, but, as Dr. Tanner is responsible for nearly all the statements of the book affecting the alleged facts of other records and students of the problem, it is she that will come in for the largest con¬sideration, and the errors are so astounding in this respect that I shall spare no feelings and indulge no chivalry what¬ever in the exposure of them. President Hall has asked me, as the letter quoted above indicates, to express myself frankly and I shall accept the invitation, taking an adaptation of Ma-caulay's language in his review of Barere's Memoirs as the promise of what I shall do.
" This book has more than one title to our serious attention. It is an appeal, solemnly made to contemporaries by one who plays a conspicuous part in academic respectability and authority and who represents herself or himself as ag¬grieved by the prejudices of those who believe in the existence of spirits on scientific evidence while she or he boldly pro¬claims belief without evidence and yet makes science the only criterion of truth in the treatment of the very creed they criticize. To such an appeal I shall always give ready au¬dience. I can perform no duty more useful to society, or more agreeable to my own feelings, than that of making, as far as my power extends, reparation to the slandered and persecuted devotees of academic science. I have therefore promptly taken into consideration this copious apology for scepticism.
" I was not conscious when I opened this book that I was under the influence of any feeling likely to pervert my judg¬ment. Undoubtedly I had long entertained a most unfavor¬able opinion of certain critics of psychic research and the spiritistic hypothesis; but to this opinion I was not tied by any passion or by any interest. My dislike was a reasonable dislike and might easily have been removed by reason and the truthful statement of fact. Indeed my expectation was that this book, now that academic reserve and authority had come into the arena, would amply vindicate the intelligence, the honesty and the fairness of respectable scepticism. That the author could vindicate herself or himself from all the suspicions and charges that had been made against the scientific priesthood I had hoped would be effected, tho fear¬ing it would be impossible. I thought it highly probable that some grave accusations against the type of minds under review would have been refuted and that many offences to which the class would have been forced to plead guilty would be greatly extenuated. I was not disposed to be severe. I was fully aware that temptations to which endowed respecta¬bility and scientific dogmatism were exposed must try se¬verely the strength of the firmest virtue. Indeed my in¬clination has always been to regard with an indulgence, which to some rigid students of the subject seems excessive, those faults into which those obsequious souls are sometimes
hurried by the necessity of pacifying the people who supply them bread and fame, or admiration and authority.
" With such feelings I read the book and compared it with other accounts of the same phenomena. It is now my duty to express the opinion to which the reading has led me. I have made up my mind and now I propose to do the authors, by the blessing of God, full and signal justice." The re¬mainder of Macaulay's observations may be taken as repre-, senting the manner in which it shall be done.
I shall largely confine my examination of the book to the statements made about my own records, statements and views. I may have occasion to diverge somewhat from this course. The first part of the book to come under this notice will be the statements of Dr. Tanner which I shall follow in their order. I shall not omit any important reference to myself in my review. I am referred to and quoted combined on 34 pages of the book. I shall leave the English group to take care of itself in most cases and lay the stress of this re¬view upon the questions affecting myself and statements. What I wish to do is to point out the absolute errors of fact and to show the documentary evidence of it so far as that is possible. I take up first the chapter on early trances.*

* In all references to Dr. Tanner's book I shall simply refer to the page and when not otherwise indicated other references will be to the English Proceedings with mention of volume and page.

Describing my experiments over a telegraph line to illustrate certain aspects of incidents given in proof of personal identity between the living, the author says (p. 38):

" At the same time the real question is not touched at all in such experiments. Hyslop assumes to begin with that communication with discarnate spirits is possible and that the investigator's problem is only to find out how it is established, whereas in fact the investigator has no right to assume the presence of any discarnate personality at all until he has exhausted all possible explanations by means of incarnate personalities."

Who said that my experiments " touched the real question"? What is the real question? Dr. Tanner does not tell us, tho elsewhere it is assumed that it is personal identity
with which I should agree. But here it is assumed that I did not know what the real question was. I carefully defined it in the very volume to which her animadversion refers (Vol. XVI, pp. 158, 289-296). Cf. also Science and a Future Life, Chapter III. This was personal identity of the deceased as conceivably provable by supernormal information bearing upon the past life of the deceased. Now as to these experi¬ments for testing incidents between the living for their influence on the receiver's judgment I was actually careful to tell the reader that they did not bear upon the proper question, and enumerated four objects which I had in view and these excluded the one implied by Dr. Tanner's remark. She is careful not to tell the reader this fact. The statement is an insinuation that I was trying to " touch the real question " when I distinctly denied this. Cf. Vol. XVI, pp. 537-540 and especially 543.

Again Dr. Tanner says I assume the possibility of com¬munication with discarnate spirits, apparently or evidently referring to these experiments in identification of personality. This is not true. I did not assume anything of the kind. The statements made in those experiments flatly deny any such assertion by Dr. Tanner and I do not see how any person having the slightest claim to intelligence could fail to see this, especially when it is actually stated. Besides I have in all I have ever written on this subject emphasized the fact that I do not even assume the existence of spirits. I assume the truth of the materialistic theory and shall not grant the ex¬istence of spirits until I obtain supernormal evidence of personal identity. That I have stated over and over again. Cf. above references, especially page 1, and also Chap. X in Sci¬ence and a Future Life, Journal Am. S. P. R., Vol. I, especially pp. 200-202. I have perhaps stated it in twenty-five other places. Moreover I actually stated in the volume Dr. Tanner quotes that we could not assume discarnate personalities until we had exhausted normal and incarnate explanations. You would think from Dr. Tanner's statement that I had not done so. That I had done so was indicated in many passages and statements on my Report and it was distinctly stated in certain places. Cf. Vol. XVI, pp. 16, 124. Chapter V of that Report is saturated with the idea. Cf. Science and a Future Life, p. 246.

Again Dr. Tanner says, referring to the character of " test messages," representing what is unknown to the sitter. " Since even Hyslop admits that these alone are strictly evidential; in any scientific sense, etc." This is not true. I have never said anything of the kind and I have never believed anything of the kind. I have often recognized that such messages were necessary to overthrow a certain form of al¬leged telepathy in which I do not believe and which I have vigorously attacked ever since I began discussing the problem of spirit communication. What I have always contended for is that anything which is not due to chance or to previous normal knowlege by the medium is evidence. It may not be evidence of spirits, but this was not at any time the primary object or point of view in my estimation of the facts. I was content to have evidence of the supernormal, and if the collective or synthetic unity of the phenomena consisted with a spiritistic hypothesis it was not the individual test that had the primary value but the selective and collective unity of the mass, I have stated this ad nauseam in my discussions of the subject and in the very Report quoted by Dr. Tanner. Cf.

Vol. XVI, pp. 132-133, and 158-176.
Again says Dr. Tanner, referring to the manner of making the records:

" Notes were taken in long hand, but, as far as can be judged, until Hyslop's sittings no attempt was made to take down everything that was said, especially remarks considered foreign to the matter in hand, or remarks of one sitter to the other, when two or more were present." (p, 45.)

There is not one word of truth in these statements, except that at some sittings used in the earlier Reports long hand notes were taken. The rest of it is pure fiction. It is the less excusable because the book pretends to show a knowledge of the various volumes published by the Society. (1) Stenographic records were made by Dr. Hodgson long before I had any sittings and in fact before I became interested in psychic research. Cf. Vol. XIII, pp. 288 and 413. (2) Besides the explicit statement of Dr. Hodgson the evidence stands printed on the page in which the statements of the sitter were recorded and Dr. Tanner herself has actually adopted in her own treatment of records exactly the same style of reporting them, without any acknowledgment where she learned it. (3) Whatever merit attaches to the manner of making my own record belongs entirely to Dr. Hodgson, and he was the one who made the notes under my eyes in all but the few times he was out of the room a few minutes and the fact was stated right in my Report. He had been prac¬ticing this care for years with exactly the same desire to en¬able readers and students to ascertain for themselves whether information had been imparted directly or indirectly by sitters, and all the borrowed wisdom displayed by the present authors on that point had been acted on for years by Dr. Hodgson. You would suppose from the authors of this book that they had discovered it and that psychic researchers were especially delinquent in this matter. (4) In his first report Dr. Hodgson remarked his habit of making stenographic records. (Vol. VIII, pp. 2 and 88.) (5) Professor James had made them before Dr. Hodgson came to this country. (Vol. XIII, p. 2 and American Proceedings, p. 103.)
Again Dr. Tanner (p. 48) says: " Hyslop says that in some of his sittings he spoke not a word from beginning to end." This also is pure fiction. There is not one iota of evidence for it. On this point the author contradicts this view of the case on page 72 where it is indicated truthfully that I did speak "in an assumed voice" and actually on the previous page (p. 45) refers to my inflections as if they oc¬curred in all the sittings. Besides the records every one of them have in the parentheses the indication of my speaking and when Dr. Hodgson spoke. The letter " S " stands for myself and precedes the record of my statements.
Immediately following the fictitious statement mentioned the author says: "Usually Dr. Hodgson betrayed through his voice his estimate of the accuracy of the control's statements, this estimate being in part determined through his receiving suggestions from Hyslop's appearance, manner, etc." Where is the evidence for this broad statement "usually"? Has it been applied to the details of the record? Not for a moment. It is pure fiction. If the author had said that at times he may have done so through suggestion from me there would be no quarrel. The incidents which at least appeared significant came usually before I had even had the chance to suggest anything regarding the subject of the com¬munication and recognition is not suggestion. Even a psy¬chologist ought to know that.
These are the less important errors of fact in the state¬ments of Dr. Tanner. They show sufficient carelessness of as¬sertion and want of respect for evidence on essential issues involved in the case to make one cautious about accepting any statement whatever that she would make. But the next group of facts representing the most important aspect of the whole problem are far worse in their falsification of the rec¬ord. The chapter is entitled " Test Messages." This means that the author intends to illustrate and discuss the " test messages" of the various records and Reports made of psychic phenomena. By a " test message " is meant one that is supposed to be evidence of the supernormal. The earlier Reports are drawn upon for instances and as I am at present concerned only with the references to my own state¬ments I shall not notice them farther than to remark that Dr. Hodgson's second Report is little more than mentioned. There is no attempt whatever to examine and criticize the facts to which Dr. Hodgson attached value. I may come to this again. The summary of my own record follows and I shall take up the incidents in their order. Dr. Tanner claims to select them as "test messages." The general conduct of the author in this respect will be noticed later. I take the summarized statements regarding my record as the author's representation of what I said and believed. When I am through with the subject the reader may decide for himself the amount of truth in Dr. Tanner's statements.

Dr. Tanner (p. 44) says that, " admit that these incidents alone are strictly evidential in a scientific sense, whose truth is unknown to the sitter." This is not true. I merely regarded such incidents as fatal to a limited telepathy and treated all incidents as evidential of the supernormal provided they were not due to guessing or chance coincidence. (Cf. Vol. XVI, pp. 131-134.)

A very important defect to remark is that the author gives no page references to the original documents which she pre¬tends to quote, and hence no one but the authors has any reasonable chance of examining the correctness of her statements. Readers are expected to take her ipse dixit about them, or at least that is all they can do with any reasonable ease. But I think all will agree, after the exposure of her misstatements, omissions, and misrepresentations, that it would have been a dangerous course to have given the references.

I propose to make it clear that I cannot be accused of garbling Dr. Tanner's statement and hence I shall quote every word of her summary of the incidents taken from my report. I shall neither abbreviate them nor represent the contents in terms of my own opinion. The reader shall have the full statements of Dr. Tanner and in reply I shall give the documentary evidence of the record which she claims to represent.

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A Debunking Review on Ghost Hunters book

Here's a ignoring evidence for life after death and psi evidence from a writer in the New York Times

Here's some points that need rebuttal

Eusapia's apparent ability to levitate heavy tables, make mysterious winds blow and produce a substance known as ''ectoplasm'' -- a sort of afterbirth of the netherworld -- had already convinced some scientists in Europe that paranormal powers were real. But she had been married to a traveling conjuror and would be caught in trickery countless times. Members of the Society for Psychical Research wanted to be sure. But above all, they wanted to believe. If Eusapia was exposed, they would find someone with more impressive powers. Blum's strange tale shows how and why many British and American intellectuals (including some prominent scientists) ended up on a fruitless but determined hunt for ghosts.

Leo: yes she was caught many times but she was never caught at the time when she did produce genuine phenomena. Also psychical members did not want to believe they were infact skeptical but no closed-minded but open-minded.

Despite the meticulous and often Herculean efforts of the society, more than a century of psychical research has added nothing to the stock of human knowledge. There is today no more reason to believe in spiritualism or telepathy than there was in the Victorian era, when the bearded men of science groveled earnestly at the feet of dubious mediums. Of course, parapsychology's hosts of remaining enthusiasts will vehemently disagree. But, to avoid swamping the mail slots and in-boxes of the Book Review, readers should send messages about this by psychic means only, please.

Leo: Here we have another incorrect statement evidence for life after death is continuing to grow `as I have mention before of 20 areas of evidence in favor of survival of bodily death also there is lots of evidence for telepathy like the ganzield experiments.

Meanwhile in England, Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-presenter of the idea of natural selection with Darwin in 1858, had started visiting mediums and was mightily impressed. He was particularly taken with Daniel Dunglas Home, whose powers, according to astonished witnesses, included the ability to levitate, float out of a window and then float back in. Home, who became one of the best-known mediums in Europe, also floated into high society, marrying a goddaughter of the czar, with the novelist Alexandre Dumas as his best man.

Darwin was exasperated by Wallace's gullibility and feared that his activities would somehow besmirch the theory of evolution. Wallace, however, suspected that evolution explained only the origins of bodies, and that a supernatural ''overruling intelligence'' was required to explain mental and moral life. Most of the scientific establishment, on both sides of the Atlantic, disagreed -- often vehemently, as in the case of the scientist and lecturer T.H. Huxley, known as ''Darwin's bulldog'' -- and asserted that spiritualism was pure trickery that needed exposing rather explaining. But a smattering of eminent scientists remained open-minded or even joined the cause.

Wallace brought the chemist William Crookes, future president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, into the fold. Crookes was the discoverer of thallium -- a toxic element that some skeptics alleged had adversely affected his mind -- and his work on cathode rays played a role in the discovery of the electron. Not only was Crookes convinced by Home, he was enchanted by Florence Cook, a strikingly pretty girl in her early 20's who liked to conduct her seances in tight black dresses. While Florence was locked in her spirit cabinet, her ''spirit guide'' would materialize in flowing, white robes and eat cakes and drink wine while she flirted with Crookes.

Leo: Dr.Alfred Russel Wallace found evidence for life after death the fear of materialist scientists such as Darwin which is still going on instead of looking at the evidence they rather dismiss it because it effects that materialist worldview.

Here we have a accusation that Florence is in a relationship with Sir William Crookes

Others duplicated his work

Crookes' materialisation experiments were not unique and he was not the only one experimenting in this field. There were others investigating materialisation mediums using ectoplasm in his time and later in England and Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil.

· In France and Germany between 1909 and 1913 a series of carefully conducted experiments were carried out successfully by Baron von Schrenck-Notzing who independently confirmed Crookes' psychic findings.

· Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Richet, a Professor of Physiology at the Sorbonne, confirmed the existence of ectoplasm and inevitably validated Crookes psychic claims. About materialisation, this Nobel Laureate and expert empiricist definitively stated, " it is a fact."

· Professor W.J. Crawford from the University of Belfast conducted long and meticulous studies of ectoplasm and materialisation with the Goligher Circle and published three books about it all substantiating Crookes' claims.

· Dr Glen Hamilton in Canada also confirmed ectoplasmic materialisations.

· Empiricist Gambier Bolton (Ghosts in Solid Form) conducted more than a hundred test materialisations with Florence Cook and other five other sensitives during a period of seven years which were all documented in detail consistently confirming Crookes' experiments.

· Eva C, famous French materialisation medium, duplicated Cook's materialisations in France. Dr Geley and Prof Richet attested to the genuineness of Eva C's materialisations. During one meeting some 150 people including scientists, witnessed materialisation (Fodor 1960:131)

· Further, Crookes' materialisation claims were successfully repeated later by materialisation mediums Helen Duncan and Rita Goold. I interviewed three of Rita Goold's sitters, Gwen Byrne, Pat Jeffries and Michael Roll, who witnessed Rita Goold's materialisations. All attested that their loved ones were fully materialized and that they held them in their arms and talked to them.

· Contrary to the negative malicious rhetoric and imputations by his uninformed critics, Crookes was NEVER found to be involved in fraud, NEVER found to have used any kinds of tricks, was NEVER charged with anything fraudulent and NEVER found anything that is not consistent with international findings about materialisations and ectoplasm.

Other most common attacks on Crookes.

"Scientists seldom notice the deception being practiced under their noses".
This is usually articulated by the ignorant uninformed negatively minded skeptical attackers and other cynics who try to score a cheap point and who know absolutely nothing about scientific method. As abovestated, Crookes was not a theoretician of science, he was a "hands-on" scientist and an empiricist. Given Crookes' brilliant achievements he would be classified as a first class professional expert with vast experience in scientific investigations. Detecting fraud is one of the key elements in basic scientific method.

"Crookes was taken in by Dr Henry Slade, the spirit photographer."
More intentional misrepresentations by the sceptics to unfairly denigrate Crookes. There is no evidence that Sir William conducted any tests with Dr Henry Slade who was not in any event a spirit photographer. Crookes spoke of Slade before the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1876 and said among other things, "I was asked to investigate when Dr Slade first came over, and I mentioned my conditions. I have never investigated except under these conditions" (Fodor 1966:71). For the record, Slade was investigated in the United States, England and in Europe by a number of top investigators including Sergeant Cox, Robert Collyer in the USA, by Dr Carter Blake, Professor Johann Zollner, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, William Weber, Professor of Physics and Wilhelm Scheibner, Professor of Mathematics at Leipzig- all of whom confirmed Slade was a genuine psychic.

"Crookes was taken in by Rosina Showers."
Another of the skeptics egregious misrepresentations. Showers was allegedly detected in fraud in the summer of 1876 before Crookes began formally testing her. He was well aware of this but felt that the information was hearsay and he wanted to test Showers himself. He felt she was still worth investigating because five or six people whom he trusted had declared they had seen Rosina and her spirit guide at the same time.

However Showers failed the dye test (which Cook passed). Crookes met her privately to discuss her alleged cheating; her mother Mrs Showers went berserk and fraudulently forged letters over Crookes' name and spread scandals about him. Crookes had no alternative but to commence legal action to stop the dirty rumours and all allegations made by Rosina's mother were immediately withdrawn (Inglis1974:275-6).

"Volckmann grabbed Florence Cook in a séance and exposed her as a fraud".
So many skeptics grabbed onto this one thinking they now had all the evidence against Florence Cook and Crookes. Wrong! A close examination of this incident shows:

1. This incident happened before Crookes had begun to investigate Cook. According to Brian Inglis, Crookes had seen her once and wrote in her support initially on the basis that he had experienced materialized hands disappearing in his grasp while investigating Home. (Inglis 1977;268).
2. Volckmann acted most irresponsibly at a séance. There was a tacit understanding that he was there to observe NOT to do anything which could harm the medium by his aggressive transgression. During ectoplasmic materialisations mediums lose nearly half of their physical weight. Bolton claims that the measured actual weight loss to the sensitive at the time of a full materialisation was no less than sixty-five pounds (Bolton 1919:9) Contemporary empiricist George Meek investigated materialisation mediumship in Brazil. He found that in genuine materialisation both the medium and the sitters would temporarily lose a great deal of weight (Meek 1987:69).
3. There was NO evidence during the incident that the materialized person was not Katie King. Volckann did not ever claim that he ever saw the face of the materialized person (that of Katie King) or Florence Cook during the scuffle.
4. Barrister Henry Dumphy, stated inter alia, that Katie King "glided " out of Volckmann's grip, leaving no trace of corporal existence or surroundings in the shape of clothing.
6. When the cupboard was opened, Florence Cook was seen distraught, dressed in black still bound and with the tape around her waist as it had been at the beginning of the séance, the knots sealed with the signet ring of the Earl of Caithness and untampered with as at first.
7. Katie was always seen in white clothing; Florence Cook always dressed in black and although she was searched no white clothing was ever found.
8. Critically relevant: Volckmann married rival medium, Mrs Guppy, who was according to Inglis "paranoically jealous" of Florence Cook's success, immediately after this incident (Inglis 1977:268).

"'Katie' was none other than Miss Cook."
This is the core attack by skeptics on Crookes. If the materialized Katie was simply Florence in a white dress how would we account for the following evidence:
1. In many of the photographs that were taken, Katie King looking between 30 to 40 years whereas Cook was in her teens.
2. Katie being six inches taller than her medium.
3. The absence of a blister on Katie's neck.
4. The absence of perforations in Katie's ears (Florence always wore earrings).
5. The difference in complexion.
6. The difference in bodily proportion (Katie more voluptuous.)
7. The fact that Katie and Florence were seen together by eight people beside Crookes. One of them was Aksakoff, a Russian aristocrat, who reported how in one séance Katie King invited him to see for himself the medium Florence Cook 'deep in trance … sitting on a chair, with both her hands bound fast behind her back' (Cit. G. Zorab (1964: 174-5).
8. Katie King being reported to have appeared in Canada during the famous Dr G Hamilton materialisation seances.
9. Katie King appearing in Rome in 1974 (Noah's Ark Society website).
10. Katie King having dye on her hand which did not appear on Florence Cook's hand.
11. Katie King being observed dematerialising "like a wax doll melting before a fire": (Fodor 1966:222).
Crookes made points 1 to 8 in public repeatedly at the time and they were not contradicted by the many quality eye-witnesses. (See Crookes, Fodor, Medhurst and Bolton)

Florence Cook was detected in fraud when Sir G.R. Sitwell grabbed "Marie" who really was Florence Cook.

Skeptics claim this newspaper report to be strong evidence proving Cook's fraud and by implication Crookes. However it must be remembered that this incident happened in 1880, six years after Crookes had ceased to investigate Cook.

1. It is also well known that newspapers are in the business of shock, drama, exaggeration and taking things out of context AND are the least reliable sources! Further, that the reports in the newspapers were written by the skeptic Sitwell himself who stood to be a judge in his own cause. Sitwell's account was rebutted by contemporaneous other writers including the editor of The Spiritualist.
2. As a result of Sitwell's action Florence Cook insisted that someone was to stay with her in the cabinet and thereafter Mrs Marryat was tied to Florence Cook in the cabinet throughout her séances in which successful materializations continued.
3. Further, in 1899, Florence Cook was invited to Berlin by the Sphinx Society to undertake séances under test conditions. The materialisations from these séances were most successful (Fodor 1966:63).
4. One has to see the Cook sittings in their respective longitudinal perspective - as long term credibility is more acceptable than an allegation of a one-off subjectively reported fraudulent claim.
5. In 1900 a number of sitters testified in writing that they has seen Florence Cook and 'Marie' at the same time and that "Before this seance, Florence dressed in the garments provided, was not left a moment alone. She was most securely bound to her chair, which was fastened to an iron ring in the floor and each hand was tied to an arm of the chair...everything was found intact afterwards' Cit. Medhurst and Goldney (1964) pp 84-85.
6. Gambier Bolton in his documented Ghosts in Solid Form (Bolton 1919) provides primary evidence that he himself repeatedly tested Florence Cook (then Mrs Corner) when she was in her forties. He states that her materialisations were genuine, proved and repeatedly witnessed by highly critical sitters in the light, NOT in darkness.
7. Bolton applied the same stringent controls on to Florence Cook as Crookes did himself: the séances took place in the homes of himself or a friend which was searched prior to the sitting by an architect; the medium herself was searched in her clothes and body by a doctor before the sitting; the medium was dressed totally in black (even underwear); the medium was bound with all knots sealed; the medium was seated on a self-registering weighing machine to which an electrical alarm was secretly hidden. (Bolton 1919: 15-68).

"Florence Cook confessed to Anderson and M Bois that she and Crookes committed fraud during the séances."

These alleged confessions have NOT been independently substantiated. The alleged confessions have not been tested for validity. We allegedly have claims by two people, Anderson and M Bois, who allegedly were Florence Crooks' lovers. I submit the reasonable person uncommitted to this issue would NOT accept Anderson and Bois' allegations of confessions - especially, when it is not credible that a person would say these things against themselves. Indeed Mrs Goldney who apparently was acquainted with Anderson and witnessed his allegations did not accept them (see below).

Besides, as has been discussed above, identical experiments were successfully repeated by other investigators in the UK and in Berlin many years after Crookes retired.

Experts in security disinformation will tell you that it would be relatively easy to set up incidents to look genuine, using bribed "witnesses" the effect of which would be to destroy the credibility of a targeted person who could in Crookes' context, raise more than reasonable doubt about the validity of traditional reductionist science. There are allegations that this is being done even to-day.

This does not surprise me at all the new york times and other magazine and media outlets are either with this materialist paradigm or against it if they are for it which they are there is loss but if they support the evidence for life after death and psi then they are enemies to all intellectual materialist scientists.

My Favorite Songs

objection by shakira
changes by 2-pac
california love by 2-pac and dr.dre
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unleash the dragon by sisqo
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freebird by lynyrd skynard
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gloria by laura branigan
song of the south by alabama
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turn back the hands of time by r kelly
under your spell by candi
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i love rock and roll by joan jett
i remember you by skidrow
right here waiting by richard marx
u can't touch this by mc hammer
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unbreak by heart by toni braxton
no dignity by blackstreet
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just lose it by enimem
hynotize by biggie smalls

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Psi Phenomena And Why The Skeptics Won't Give Up, Weak La Nina, Mississipi Bridge Collapses

Here's a good article on psi phenomena and why the skeptics won't give up

For example here is what Dr.Dean Radin says

Skeptics like to suggest that psi researchers are influenced by a desire to justify their spiritual convictions. There must therefore be "something wrong" with parapsychology. Apart from the researchers, how do skeptics account for the widespread public belief in parapsychology? If there is no scientific evidence that psi exists, it must be mass delusion. A majority of American adults, regardless of religious conviction reported psychic experiences in a 1987 survey. But there was no evidence that they were unconsciously creating hallucinations to confirm their prior beliefs. Their persistence in the face of all the evidence prompts the question of what drives the skeptics themselves in their attempts to discredit the results of psi research, perhaps hostility to spirituality in general, or a fear that psi might be real.

Of course if psi is real which i think it is then this supports the view that the mind is more fundamental than matter.

Oh boy this winter maybe interesting it looks like a weal la nina is forming

I went to the beach yesterday i put my legs and feet in the water the water is still cold. I hoping to go the wildlife park by the end of this month. Waiting on some cooler weather because the animals don't come out much when it's hot out and humid.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who lost a loved one in the Mississippi bridge collapse.,,2139886,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

Friday, August 3, 2007

New Glasgow Jubilee

Well this weekend here in New Glasgow the jubilee is going on. On sunday Doc Walker and Julian Austin both in the genre of country music are going to be performing. I think I might go on sunday it depends if i get someone to go with me.

Here's a good article by Journalist Danny Penman on Near Death Experiences

Well today I was pretty busy at coop here's what i did this morning

- I put out a bag of yellow peas
- i put out a box of bunny love carrots
-i put out two boxes of bananas
-i put out a box of green peppers
-i put out iceberg lettuce
- i put out 4x6 tomatoes
- i put down and wrapped quarts of strawberries
- i bag up pears and priced them
- i put out a bag of turnips
- i put out mushrooms
- i did bakery

By the way on website he has a clock for closed-minded skeptic James Randi and the time is ticking GOT THE GUTS JAMES RANDI TO GET YOURSELF A COOL MILLION DOLLARS IF YOU CAN PROVE THAT THE AFTERLIFE DOES NOT EVIDENCE.

2315 days !

DEBUNKER MATERIALIST CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC The Miami materialist James Hamilton Zwinge Randy Clock began in April 2001!! Since then this materialist, closed minded skeptic debunker has been unable to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. My evidence is EXPRESSLY STATED - 23 areas of evidence for the existence of the afterlife.This closed minded skeptic materialist will be remembered by his own confession to scientist Dr Dennis Rawlings, "I will always have a way out" (of PAYING the promised reward) referring to his own alleged challenge to psychics.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Some Books That I Have Not Read Yet But Sound Very Interesting

Some Books that i have not read yet but sound very interesting

1. survival of death by paul beard
2. intelligence behind the universe by ronald pearson
3. the spiritual universe by fred alan wolf
4. twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation by ian stevenson
5. the complete idoits guide to the near death experience by pmh atwater
6. mind and the new physics by fred alan wolf
7. immoral remains: the evidence for life after death by stephen braude
8. mediumship and survival by alan gauld
9. life is forever by james webster
10. the scole experiments: scientific evidence for life after death by grant solmon
11. the afterlife experiments: breakthrough scientific evidence for life after death by gray e. schwartz, william simon and deepak chopra
12. is there life after death by elizabeth kubler ross
13. is there an afterlife? a comprehensive overview of the evidence by david fontana

14. intention and survival by glen hamilton
15. beyond death: evidence for life after death by robert almeder
16. life after life by raymond moody
17. opening to the infinite by stephen schwartz
18. nothing better than death by kevin williams
19. they walk among us by emma and james heathcote
20. mind reach- scientists look at psychic abilty by russell targ and hal puthoff
21. breakthrough: an amazing experiment in electronic communication with the dead by konstantin raudive
22. life is forever: evidence for survival after death by susy smith
23. life before life: a scientific investigation of children's memories of previous lives by jim tucker
24. the irreducible mind: toward a psychology for the 21st century by edward e kelly, emily william kelly, adam crabtree, alan gauld, michael gross, bruce greyson
25. entangled minds: extrasensory experiences in a quantum reality by dean radin

Here's Some Good Video's On Life After Death On Youtube

Dr.Pmh Atwater NDE researcher describes nde experiences in children

Michael Roll puts forth the rationalist case for life after death

Harry Houdini really did come through with his message after his death?. Dr. Gary Schwartz Soul Phone Experiments

It looks like the Soul Experiments are gathering strong positive results. This article describes a breakthrough in the development of a stag...