Wednesday, August 8, 2007


There is a strange phenomena called Bilocation whereby the body of the eprson concerned is supernaturally duplicated, the double sometimes appearing at a distant place.

Here's a interesting case on classical disappearances

Greek poet Homer in his Iliad, which was composed within the eighth century BC, also the old testament provides us with more miraculous departures from the world of the patriarch Enoch and the prophet Ellijah.

A roman in fact the first roman who mysteriously vanished is none other than Romulus, from whom the name of Rome derives from.

Romus and Remus are popularly regarded as lengendary figures, yet there is no good reason at all to think that they did not exist. Their so called divine birth- they were to be the sons of the war god Mars.

There are several accounts of Romulus's disappearance, all slightly different. One version has him inexplicably vanishing while giving the instructions to Rome senators at the temple of Vulcan on the afternoon of July 7th 714 BC.

While Plutarch's version represents Romulus disappearance as being accompanied by both an eclipse and by a violent storm mentioned by Livy, which would certainly have made a frightening combination and prompted people to run for their lives.

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