Thursday, August 9, 2007

Haunted House Case

This is the most ming boggling case I have ever saw on tv.I like to report about a haunted house case i saw back on television it was on the Discovery Channel the show is called A Haunting it's based on real life encounters with the paranormal this was about a year ago it was about a business man called Edward he had maids in a house now he used to abuse them. This was back in World War 2 now a family moved in to the place. At first the young girl started seeing a guy with a black suit and black hair then the older girl started seeing the apparition too then finally the mother. The family decided to call in some paranormal investigators. The investigators dug up some history about the house that's when they found out a man called Edward and a couple of housemaids used to live in the house as well. They showed a picture of what Edward looked like both the girls and mother both confirmed it was Edward. Now next they decided to take a blank tape and tape recorded into the house they decided to press play and record and live the house to see if anything could be picked up next day they rewind the tape and what they heard shock them first was the sound of them leaving the door shutting then Edwards voice was heard he said ''you didn't tell them did you did you". His voice came on by the way very clear.


Bryan White said...

With all due respect the Discovery series "A Haunting" is one of the lamest paranormal shows on television.Nine shows out of ten the disturbance is caused by a "demon,"something unheard anywhere else.No show is complete without Ed and Lorrraine Warren appearing with those poor,dim kids that are interning under them as amateur "demonologists."I'm not sure what the sources for any of the shows are-they're not listed and judging from the unusual phenomenon that occur on the show I believe that at least some of them appear out of thin air.The very few cases I've been familiar with from other sources,like the Summerland haunting in Wisconsin,are presented very differently on the Discovery Channel.Since I believe a good part of their material is flat out fiction I can't get excited about a story from their show.

Leo MacDonald said...

Hi Bryan

You believe that a good part of their material is flat out fiction it could be but then again hauntings happened a lot to a lot of people if you see the first thing that shows before every episode they say that these are people who have had real encounters with the paranormal. Now no anedoctal accounts are perfect but just because there on television and know you may think there is editing going on well that maybe truth then again these things do happen I have had many paranormal experiences.

Blue1965 said...

I saw the one that your talking about,I like the series A Haunting very much and look forward to it comeing on weekly. To the above comment no one said that you had to watch the show but it seems that you've seen more than one of them. There are a 100 channels on cable,next time you might try watching something else. It might be the way that it's presented that you find fictional. No one knows what goes on in the spirit world once we cross over,so you can't put the show down to much because you just don't have enough information to go on. Also it's Summerwind,not Summerland,but I will agree with you that some of the episodes are starting to look the same. Over all I like the show and hope that it last for a long time to come.

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