Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Typical Near Death Experience

Here is what a typical Near Death Experience and how many people who experience one there lives change.

We have all read of Near Death Experiences, but to go through one yourself can be very meaningful. All impressions we receive on a daily basis will be shaped and conditioned by the Bodily container that holds our true inner self, where these experiences are understood and stored. Our upbringing and religion can also impede our understating of these important events, which should act as landmarks in our spiritual life.This adverse mental conditioning can also brought about by education, some religionists and psychologists are in favour of an afterlife, and many are not. Author Victor Zammit has had on offer for many years the sum of £1000,000 to anyone who can show there is no afterlife. My mother was for many years the hospital night sister, and saw many people pass into the next world, as a child I would hear her tell my father when she got home of the nights events, unfortunately her up-bringing as a strict Roman Catholic,coloured the facts of what often occurred, but over 30 years I would hear the same stories from her lips. Always the person dying would reach what is termed the “plateau” this is a comfortable place experienced by the dying, where long dead friends and relations will come to welcome them across the river of death, and often mention of a tunnel with a light at the end, this conforms to the birth experience into this world, descending the birth canal into the light, and remember that just as a baby is born into this world, so it dies to the world it knew before, and so it is with the next.

I remember my mother saying that the dying will so often say; that so and so is there in the room cant you see them ? But my own experience was that I was in hospital and not expected to live,I was lapsing in and out of consciousness, when in the small hours, I could see from my small room through the partially open door, a party of about 5 spirit people standing in the corridor watching the door to the next room, where a man was very ill. I heard the party of people say to a spirit lady in an off white suit, grey hair and a string of pearls who seemed to be in charge, that a sick man did not want to come with them, and she would have to speak to him, intuition said she was his mother.The mans voice from the room was raised as he said, “go away, I am not coming with you, leave me alone,” and this went on for some while as the party standing outside got more anxious about how long it was all taking. I looked at the clock and it was ten to four in the morning when it all went quiet, and the lady and the little group left with the confused man from the next room.

At breakfast I joked with the nurse that the man in the next room had had nocturnal visitors who had come to help him away, her reply was that she was there as one of the night staff and no-one had died during the night., I insisted he had died at ten to four in the morning.This nurse came back white faced some short time after and said; “how did you know he died at 4 in the morning, I was on duty and even I did not know until I checked the night book “?I then told her in detail how the party of people outside had kept me awake debating who would go to fetch him as it was his time, and they decided on the grey haired woman to persuade him.The nurse was in some shock as she had told the other night staff of my earlier comments, which seemed to fit the known facts, this meant that over my stay in hospital I was visited by the nursing staff, caterers, doctors and admin, all wanting me to see what I could see for them, most took what I said well, a couple were scared, and a doctor was quite hostile to what she said was pandering to superstition.A philosopher once said three things in life are guaranteed,“birth, taxes and death “ we have so much knowledge about the first two,but death is for many families a forbidden topic.These words of Newman sum it up nicely.“and with the morn these angel faces smile,which I have loved long since and lost, a while.

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