Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Some Books That I Have Not Read Yet But Sound Very Interesting

Some Books that i have not read yet but sound very interesting

1. survival of death by paul beard
2. intelligence behind the universe by ronald pearson
3. the spiritual universe by fred alan wolf
4. twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation by ian stevenson
5. the complete idoits guide to the near death experience by pmh atwater
6. mind and the new physics by fred alan wolf
7. immoral remains: the evidence for life after death by stephen braude
8. mediumship and survival by alan gauld
9. life is forever by james webster
10. the scole experiments: scientific evidence for life after death by grant solmon
11. the afterlife experiments: breakthrough scientific evidence for life after death by gray e. schwartz, william simon and deepak chopra
12. is there life after death by elizabeth kubler ross
13. is there an afterlife? a comprehensive overview of the evidence by david fontana

14. intention and survival by glen hamilton
15. beyond death: evidence for life after death by robert almeder
16. life after life by raymond moody
17. opening to the infinite by stephen schwartz
18. nothing better than death by kevin williams
19. they walk among us by emma and james heathcote
20. mind reach- scientists look at psychic abilty by russell targ and hal puthoff
21. breakthrough: an amazing experiment in electronic communication with the dead by konstantin raudive
22. life is forever: evidence for survival after death by susy smith
23. life before life: a scientific investigation of children's memories of previous lives by jim tucker
24. the irreducible mind: toward a psychology for the 21st century by edward e kelly, emily william kelly, adam crabtree, alan gauld, michael gross, bruce greyson
25. entangled minds: extrasensory experiences in a quantum reality by dean radin

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