Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Does God Exist?

In my opinion yes he does exist reasons for why he exists the fine-tuning argument, the evidence for survival of bodily death.

I think god is everything that we are one with the source called god.

Now guys such as Richard Dawkins believe that god does not exist that we are a product of evolution however the origin of life remains a mystery we still don't understand hwo proteins form and how to crack the human genome and will still don't under the ape to human transformation and what consciousness is. There's also a general cultural decline that seems to be accompanying the rise of Dawkins's brand of militant secularism; the large number of scientific figures from Newton to Darwin who were raised in religious households without, apparently, forfeiting the ability to think critically -- such forfeiture being an inevitable consequence of a religious upbringing in Dawkins's view

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