Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ad Hoc Excuse?

I seen today a older forum post by a skeptic who says that its an ad hoc excuse to say that patients who have had a out of body experience would not be able to see the signs from near the ceiling because there attention would be on their body and the people around them. He also says that if we don't get the results we want (else believers) from the aware study we will just make up endless ad hoc excuses. However, me along with others see it as a legitimate problem one that has been taken into account.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why live? rebuttal to youtube video by QualiaSoup and TheraminTrees

It first mentions that death and pain are difficult but are essential parts of life. I agree we all must physically die. Then they go on about false teachings like hell and heaven. Well right there is their bias I would be one to say that the hell and heaven viewed by christians probably doesn't exist but its very difficult to ignore massive amounts of evidence pointing towards there being an afterlife existence that is much different from the ones often depicted by world religions. Heres the video

A song that brings back memories

Sheila by Tommy Roe

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebuttal to Life After Death: Examining the Evidence

There's a blog post out there where the blogger says that the evidence for an afterlife probably doesn't exist based on what the scientific evidence has shown. He couldn't be any more wrong. He says We can think of a simple test setup. Place a target, such as a card with a secret message, on a high shelf in the operating room, facing the ceiling so that it is unreadable not only by the patient on the table but by the hospital staff in the room. Then if a patient has a near-death experience that involves the commonly reported sensation of moving outside her body and floating above the operating table, she should be able to read that message. Yes, but there is one big factor that would play a major role here that is not being accounted for and that is if you were outside your own body would your attention be on seeing a sign. Your main attention would be on seeing our own body laying there on the operating table. That doesn't mean controlled experiments can't be done. They can but they need to rule out this factor. Then says Furthermore, none of these people returned from the dead. A flat EEG us not brain death because it only measures activity on the surface of the brain. And there is no way of determining that the experience actually happened during a flat EEG. Most likely the experience happened before or after, when the brain was highly active I guess this guy never heard what an EEG expert has to say on this skeptic argument. Then he says that no replicable scientific evidence has ever been found for an immaterial mind. Which is wrong and I have mentioned many of the evidence's that supports the view that consciousness probably does survive the death of the brain.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Entangled Minds: IONS-Windbridge Mediumship Study

Entangled Minds: IONS-Windbridge Mediumship Study: The Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Windbridge Institute are conducting a study exploring the perceptual capacities of mediums, some ...

Near-Death, revisited

Recently biologist Pz Myers criticize an article written by Mario Beauregard who discussed the science on out of body experiences. Biologist Pz Myers had this to say This new anecdote is more of the same. The patient is comatose and with no heart rhythm when brought into the hospital; over a week later, he claims to recognize a particular nurse as having been present during his crisis, and mentions that she put his dentures in a drawer. I am underwhelmed. I must introduce Beauregard to two very common terms that are well understood in the neuroscience community... At the Daily Grail Greg Taylor mentions the fact that it wasn't a female nurse but in fact a male nurse. That biologist Pz Myers obviously didn't bother looking at the original documents of the case. Here is the link to Dr. Mario Beauregard rebuttal to biologist Pz Myers criticism of his article that was published in salon.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Brain's molecular memory code revealed?

Very interesting peer review study published about how memory code may indeed by cracked. This study could also help understand how the brain works, and treat Alzheimers, brain injury and various neurological and psychiatric disorders. It certainly also delivers evidence in support of the ORCH theory that microtubles may be producing consciousness.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Brock Lesnar is back in the Wwe

He gives John Cena an F5 on Monday night raw

Wwe Wrestlemania 28 results

1. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos defeated Beth Phoenix and Eve
2. Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan for the Wwe world title
3. The Big show defeats Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental title
4. Team Johnny defeats team Teddy
5. Kane defeats Randy Orton
6. CM Punk defeats Chris Jericho & retains the Wwe world title
7. The Undertaker defeats Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels the special guest special referee
8. The Rock defeats John Cena.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More on the Phineas Gage Case

There is a nice writeup about this case showing that the case doesn't deliver any evidence to demonstrate the view that personality has dependence on the brain.

Here a couple of quoted material from it

1850, two years after the accident, a Harvard professor of surgery stated that he was "completely recovered in body and mind", making no mention of any personality change.

In subsequent accounts by other writers Harlow's later testimony was embellished. Gage was now said to have become a drunkard and a boastful exhibitionist, as well as suffering an absolute lack of foresight - all unmentioned by Harlow. In fact most of what has been said about Gage subsequent to his physical recovery, Macmillan says bluntly, is "fable".

As we see then the case that many materialists use to bolster their case up is a mere fabrication. Sure there was some impact on his personality but not to the point where materialists proclaim it is.

You can read the rest of it here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Refuting an article done by two naturalist scientists

I came across this site lately by two naturalist scientists who challenge view that consciousness may in fact survive the death of the brain.

Abstract: The paper samples the large body of neuroscientific evidence suggesting that each mental function takes place within specific neural structures. For instance, vision appears to occur in the visual cortex, motor control in the motor cortex, spatial memory in the hippocampus, and cognitive control in the prefrontal cortex. Evidence comes from neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, brain stimulation, neuroimaging, lesion studies, and behavioral genetics. If mental functions take place within neural structures, mental functions cannot survive brain death. Therefore, there is no mental life after brain death.

My response: Surprise surprise the volume is being edited by no other than Keith Augustine. Sure mental functions are strongly correlated with neural structures. If mental functions were within neural structures the hard problem of consciousness would be solved. But it isn't. Its an assumption but the two scientists believe they can make a conclusion on the evidence they have gathered over the past decades. They never mention any of the evidence from the other side such as psi, afterlife experiments etc.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

M. Hector Durville's experiments on the Astral Body

I think many here will I find this very interesting experiments showing that the astral body does exist or soul. M. Hector Durville did experiments on finding out if there really is an astral body. The subject of the experiment is constantly rapport with the double. Usually this is cylindrical , but may sometimes appear to be a sort of ribbon. As to the clothes of the phantom, these seem to be composed of a sort of "fluidic gauze". Various sense-impressions are conveyed to the body by the means of the astral cord. the question of temperature is imporatant; as too much light has a detrimental effect upon the astral body. Experiments with the dynamometer showed that the muscular strength (grip) of the subject was always greater after the projection than before. On the contrary, the temperature of the hand, particularly of the right hand, almost invariably fell as the result of the experiment. The action of the phantom upon the double of another subject both being "projected" at the same time; and upon the physical body of another person.

Some positive results were apparently secured in both cases. Some successes were also reported in obtaining physical movements of objects and raps, and moving the straw of a sthenometer, at a distance from the entrenched subject by the projected astral body, and various vital radiations emitted by it or by the physical body.

He concluded like many scientists have that the projection of the astral body is a certain fact, capable pf being demonstrated by means of direct experiment. Also, since the phantom can exist and function apart from the physical body. It may also exist after death. That is, Immortality is a fact thus proved scientifically.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Interesting documented nde case by Dr. Melvin Morse while in a semi-vegetative state

You can read the case here

AdamWho at it again

First he makes the statement that the mind body problem has been solved well over 100 years ago. Completely false there are many scientists that would disagree with that statement. Then he says FMRI can detect thoughts that that can decoded from brain activity. Yes, the brain is a decoder, filter, receiver of consciousness that doesn't prove that consciousness is produce by the brain. Apparently many other new agers as they are referred to on there have been banned as well. That doesn't surprise me in the least as I mentioned before the forum and the site has an agenda to promote naturalism.

From another user on there he or she says:

While fMRI does not show 'consciousness' it does appear to show a correlation between brain activity and perception, thought, response to stimuli, etc: what we generally refer to as being 'consciousness.

Correct a correlation a strong one but a strong correlation does show causation.

Adamwho then says

The point being that there need not be any such activity if the 'mind' is located elsewhere.

Wrong their is activity in a tv set as well as a radio. The question remains where the source of consciousness at?. Is it the brain? Is it the brain plus the interaction with the environment? EM field? Quantum Mechanics?. What if consciousness is primary and matter and energy are secondary?.

He also mentions that no transmission parts or receiver parts have been found in the brain. The brain is a very complex organ and we know there are neurotransmitters in the brain so its wrong that no transmissive parts have been found. The brain also receives information from the cerebral cortex. The questions remains is the brain the generator of consciousness or the receiver, decoder, filter of consciousness?

Here's something to think about by Dr. Larry Dossey

We can damage a television set so severely that we lose the image on the screen, but this doesn’t prove that the TV actually produced the image. We know that David Letterman does not live behind the TV screen on which he appears; yet the contention that brain equals consciousness is as absurd as if he did.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Current Wrestlemania 28 lineup

Here's the current Wrestlemania 28 lineup more matches will be added soon I am sure.

The Rock v.s John Cena
The Undertaker v.s Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match
Sheamus v.s Daniel Bryan for the Wwe World title
CM Punk v.s Chris Jericho for the Wwe World championship

My predictions in those matches are

The Rock beats John Cena
The Undertaker beats John Cena
Sheamus beats Daniel Bryan
CM Punk beats Chris Jericho

Transit strike in Halifax

Well the transit union today got a offer from the Halifax Regional Municipality the offer looks good. The transit union in my opinion is just greedy wanting more and more money. Its not fair to the people of Halifax to rely on transit buses to get from place to place. Here in Pictou County we used to have transit here but that was taken away. Now, the same thing is happening in Halifax.

Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly again rejected any idea of sending the contract dispute to binding arbitration. Here's what he said:

"Taxpayers can't bear much more than we've already offered them. No more than we already offered. We thought what we offered was more than fair," Kelly told reporters Friday afternoon.

Does the Transit Union care about the taxpayers of Halifax it certainly doesn't look like it. It's sad really it had to go like this. I know their are some people in Halifax who support the Transit Union's decision I really don't know how they could.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worked out today on the Wii and being so for awhile now

I have been burning calories on the Wii for awhile now its fun too. I lost about 6 pounds so far. I usually do the 2 minute runs, 5 minute ones, 10 minute ones and 20 minute ones.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dr. Eben Alexander's powerful Nde

Challenging Questions Skeptics Raise but not so much

Questions racing around my head for awhile now one is Is the Afterlife to good to be true?. I mean as you know a lot of things we as kids that we used to believe in turned out to be to good to be true. Now I would say this is a strong argument even though the evidence I think for an afterlife is very strong I still got that feeling it maybe to good to be true as well. I don't know, even though also had many experiences too with the paranormal I still go back and forth and that echo comes in that it maybe to good to be true.

Another strong argument it seems the skeptics have is why do we think along with all other life forms that we deserve to continue forever in an afterlife? I mean we humans along with other life forms use resources such as water etc. We are given this planet to live on, why do we expect more?. I know the evidence is very strong for an afterlife but these questions wrestle me a lot.

So your wondering why are these challenging questions, well for the reasons I gave above for example the fact that many of things when we were kids turned out to be false. We clearly obviously need to keep an open mind and no jump the gun. Rather, its fully thinking death is the end without investigating the apparent evidence for an afterlife first. Because, if you don't then you obviously can't make a fair judgement on the matter.

So can these questions be answered I would say yes of course they can. Can the overwhelming evidence for an afterlife overrun these questions? By showing that the questions themselves are answered by the evidence itself?. For sure their were some psychical researchers who remained on the fence about the survival of consciousness after death but one by one they came to concede to the evidence. That is the evidence is very strong for an afterlife and we must follow where the evidence leads us.

Anyways, I like to end this post by wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

Heard the sad news like everyone else that the singer Whitney Houston passed away recently. Will see you on the otherside, it's sad to had to leave so soon. I remember many of your songs like I will always love you and I wanna dance with somebody. You will be be forever remembered for all you done in the music industry and all the lives you have touched with your music.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Downtown Book Exchange being sold

Well good news at least I think it is.The downtown book exchange is located in downtown New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. I have been in that store before and the prices for their movies and books is outrageous. Everything in the store is overpriced, and I am happy that they are being sold.

I found this news story on

The Capture of the Green River Killer Movie on Youtube

Its based on a true story too. This is a must see movie it wasn't right, what happened to these innocent women, yes they were all prostitutes but they didn't deserve at all what had happened to them.

You can watch it here

Monday, January 16, 2012

Skeptic D.J. Grothe Asks Dr. Phil to get real

Well leading President of the James Randi Educational Foundation thinks that it is totally wrong to get platform to frauds he says to such mediums as John Edwards and Ms. Margolis. I always said and will continue to say make up your own minds. I do have a few comments about John Edwards. If Crossing Over John Edward's show was much of a fraud then why doesn't the camera man or someone working in the show come forth?. You would think after all this time someone would. And yes the good old Jame's Randi challenge what a publicity stunt he's very interested in feeding his ego.

Here's the link to the article here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still awaiting on Aware Nde study results

Will be rather interesting to see what the results show for the Aware NDE study which Dr. Sam Parnia is doing. I have mentioned before one big problem that is a real problem and that is if you were outside your body you wouldn't be worried about looking for a sign. Even though the signs are places in visible range from above the fact remains you wouldn't be concerned about looking at them. The main things you be looking at is your body and the nurses and doctor trying to revive you. Plus the experience itself would take up your priority not signs that are put up.

By the way, I found this interesting video on youtube a show called Beyond Belief where Dr. Sam Parnia is interviewed about his study. The embed link has been disabled so go to youtube to search for it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays hard to believe we are now in the year 2012. So your wondering why am I sure their probably is an afterlife its based on careful assessment of the evidence. As we are now in the year 2012 I am sure the evidence for an afterlife were only get stronger.

Harry Houdini really did come through with his message after his death?. Dr. Gary Schwartz Soul Phone Experiments

It looks like the Soul Experiments are gathering strong positive results. This article describes a breakthrough in the development of a stag...