Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Challenging Questions Skeptics Raise but not so much

Questions racing around my head for awhile now one is Is the Afterlife to good to be true?. I mean as you know a lot of things we as kids that we used to believe in turned out to be to good to be true. Now I would say this is a strong argument even though the evidence I think for an afterlife is very strong I still got that feeling it maybe to good to be true as well. I don't know, even though also had many experiences too with the paranormal I still go back and forth and that echo comes in that it maybe to good to be true.

Another strong argument it seems the skeptics have is why do we think along with all other life forms that we deserve to continue forever in an afterlife? I mean we humans along with other life forms use resources such as water etc. We are given this planet to live on, why do we expect more?. I know the evidence is very strong for an afterlife but these questions wrestle me a lot.

So your wondering why are these challenging questions, well for the reasons I gave above for example the fact that many of things when we were kids turned out to be false. We clearly obviously need to keep an open mind and no jump the gun. Rather, its fully thinking death is the end without investigating the apparent evidence for an afterlife first. Because, if you don't then you obviously can't make a fair judgement on the matter.

So can these questions be answered I would say yes of course they can. Can the overwhelming evidence for an afterlife overrun these questions? By showing that the questions themselves are answered by the evidence itself?. For sure their were some psychical researchers who remained on the fence about the survival of consciousness after death but one by one they came to concede to the evidence. That is the evidence is very strong for an afterlife and we must follow where the evidence leads us.

Anyways, I like to end this post by wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day.

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