Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why decoding thoughts and other aspects of the mind doesn't show that there origin is in the brain

There has been a lot of progress in neuroscience with fmri's in decoding thoughts and dreams this is usually assumed to support the view that the mind origin is in the brain. However abstracting images from my tv doesn't prove that the origin of those images is coming from my television set. There is a lot of examples of very tight correlations among many different things however doesn't prove that one can't exist without the other. Another analogy next to a tv would be a dvd player it's sort of like what a DVD player does on a TV screen when you pop in a DVD and hit play. Credit to Michael Prescott: I Also like to point there is a new interview on skeptiko featuring Chris Carter which Michael Prescott on his blog has also pointed out today where he states in his view that the evidence for an afterlife is overwhelming.

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