Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Helene Reeder Memorial Fund for Research into Life after Death

I just like to pass this along about a research project that is underway.

Announcement for grant 2010

The Helene Reeder Fund is pleased to announce the availability of grants for small and medium sized scientific research projects concerning the issue of Life after Death.

Grants will be awarded in the range of EUR 500 – 5000 maximum. ( Max $6844.64 in canadian dollars}

The topic Research into Life after Death should constitute the main objective of the project.

Applications in English to be submitted by email to the HRF c/o should include:

- detailed description of the project, including the objectives of the project,
- methodology,
- cost budget,
- timetable,
- plans to publish the results in some scientific journals,
- CV of the applicant,
- how the applicant plans to report back to the HRF about progress and result,
- any other financing than from HRF.

Please note: Applications should be received not later than 30th of October 2010. It is the intention of the HRF to evaluate the applications and to make decision regarding the grants before the end of December. Applicants will be notified by email after the decision and the grants will be payable during December.

Note: I like to wish everyone a Happy Easter it will be a long weekend for me as I have Friday off as well as Easter Monday off.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Predictions For Wrestlemania 26

1. Money in the bank match- Kane v.s MVP v.s Kofi Kingston v.s Matt Hardy v.s Shelton Bejamin v.s Jack Swagger v.s Dolph Ziggler v.s Drew Mcintyre v.s Evan Bourne V.s Christian

Winner: Kane

2. Bret Hart v.s Mr. Mcmahon

Winner: Bret Hart

3. Triple H v.s Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

4. Unified tag team championship the Big Show and Miz v.s John Morrison and R-Truth

Winner: The Big Show and John Morrison

5. Randy Orton v.s Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase in a triple threat match

Winner: Randy Orton

6. Cm Punk v.s Rey Mysterio

Winner: Rey Mysterio

7. World Heavyweight Championship Chris Jericho v.s Edge

Winner: Edge [new champion]

8. The Undertaker v.s Shawn Michaels

Winner: The Undertaker

9. WWE Champion Batista v.s John Cena

Winner: John Cena [new champion].

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Concidence Possibly?

Talk about coincidence today at my work program i heard in my head. Loretta one of my co-workers that i was going to make a certificate for her and guess what? when i picked out the name because that was the exercise we had to do was pick out a name as long as it's different than our name and then create a certificate for that person. Anyways, i picked out the name and it was Loretta's name on the piece of paper. I just want to share this story today, it was pretty remarkable!.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dr. Robert Lanza Biocentrism A New Theory

Robert Lanza new theory suggests that death is not the end and that their is another reality beyond time and space. His view is idealism that consciousness creates reality. His theory could account for the enormous body of evidence for survival of the soul. For the materialists who are dead certain that they are right they will obviously scoff at this theory. I don't know what he thinks of parapsychological research or the evidence for survival but he does lay out another possible explanation that could account for it. Of course materialists have criticized his work in numerous postings. Read them for yourself and make up your own mind.

PZ Myers

Now some articles with links from Dr.Robert Lanza where he discusses his theory of biocentrism

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Near-Death Experience Skeptic, Dr. G.M. Woerlee Takes Aim at Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, Evidence of the Afterlife

Another excellent skeptiko podcast host Alex Tskaris gets into a discussion with skeptic anesthesiologist G.M. Woerlee. In this 90 minute interview Woerlee attempts too refute nine lines of evidence that Dr. Jeffery Long believes support the survival hypothesis and are not a naturalistic/biological phenomenon. After watching this recent podcast i will say that anesthesiologist G.M. Woerlee has some good points, one of those good points is how can a immaterial soul hear and see things around them when they have a flat EEG?. My answer would be that the immaterial soul uses the senses as the the physical body used but those senses are now greatly enhanced.

You can watch the interview here.

Another argument he used is that heart massage brings back patients who are on the brink of death.

The problem with this is that their are a lot of cases where the patient has a out of body experience and doesn't feel any pain from the cardiac massage. This strongly suggests that they are different from the cases that are also well known where patients don't have out of body experiences but feel pain after receiving cardiac massage.

He also says that drugs, anoxia etc account for all near death and out of body experiences.

I disagree, their possible explanations but they all come up short explaining the entire phenomena. A good theory accounts for all of the phenomena not just some of it.

A commenter who goes under the name Fedde said the perceiving part could be a form of ESP, yes it could be that certainly is another possible explanation. Even though i don't give much attention to the Super ESP hypothesis it nevertheless is a possible alternative explanation. Their is another possible explanation however too and this explanation would be that both hypotheses are true that survival and Super ESP but occur. That the soul uses ESP to hear and see things around it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Physical Reality Our Temporary Home

This is what the evidence for life after death strongly indicates rather we want to accept this or not is totally up to us of course. Here is another recent blog post by author Michael Prescott called the "the desert and the sea".

Typically, atheists are seen as those that support science where everyone else [religious, spiritual] are seen as those that are oppose to science. I strongly disagree those who are oppose to science are those that have committed beliefs that they don't want to change no matter how strong the evidence is against their position.

On a side note, here is my workout that I did today as of Monday March 15th, 2010

Treadmill I burned 530 calories, 3.0 miles for 35 minutes

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spiricom Evidence for Survival of Bodily Death

Another area of evidence comes from Spiricom a two way conversation between the living and the deceased. In one experiment over 20 hours of dialog through the Spiricom device which the two developed together between 1979 and 1982.

Although there were some successes with Spiricom, the machine never proved to be reliable enough for general use. That of course, doesn't exclude from the fact that the machine did help establish some communication between the living and the deceased.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What do you consider to be the Strongest Evidence for Survival of Bodily Death

Naturalism the Dominant View of Mainstream Science

One of the reasons is the major successes it has, however when it fails which it has it's hard to give it up. The evidence against naturalism in general is overwhelming their is no way the evidence for survival can be accommodated in a naturalist worldview. Science can be used to favor a particular worldview over another if the evidence is uncovered. The evidence for survival fits well in a substance dualist worldview but doesn't fit in a naturalist worldview. That is one of the major reasons why I cannot take naturalism as the answer to why were here, who we are etc. Another reason is the evidence for psi phenomena that have been replicated over and over with positive results. This evidence also doesn't fit a naturalist worldview but does fit substance dualist and can also fit the view that all of reality is created by consciousness itself.

One thing can seems very straight forward naturalism isn't the answer however nothing can be ruled out completely. If all of the evidence for survival is just scientists chasing over something that really doesn't exist and psi doesn't exist either like naturalists assert. Well then they have won this debate hands down. One way to know for certain who's right and who's wrong is those last minutes of our lives when our bodies shutdown. Then we will all know the answer with 100 percent certainity.

Here's a quick poll for all of you here.

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