Saturday, March 20, 2010

Near-Death Experience Skeptic, Dr. G.M. Woerlee Takes Aim at Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, Evidence of the Afterlife

Another excellent skeptiko podcast host Alex Tskaris gets into a discussion with skeptic anesthesiologist G.M. Woerlee. In this 90 minute interview Woerlee attempts too refute nine lines of evidence that Dr. Jeffery Long believes support the survival hypothesis and are not a naturalistic/biological phenomenon. After watching this recent podcast i will say that anesthesiologist G.M. Woerlee has some good points, one of those good points is how can a immaterial soul hear and see things around them when they have a flat EEG?. My answer would be that the immaterial soul uses the senses as the the physical body used but those senses are now greatly enhanced.

You can watch the interview here.

Another argument he used is that heart massage brings back patients who are on the brink of death.

The problem with this is that their are a lot of cases where the patient has a out of body experience and doesn't feel any pain from the cardiac massage. This strongly suggests that they are different from the cases that are also well known where patients don't have out of body experiences but feel pain after receiving cardiac massage.

He also says that drugs, anoxia etc account for all near death and out of body experiences.

I disagree, their possible explanations but they all come up short explaining the entire phenomena. A good theory accounts for all of the phenomena not just some of it.

A commenter who goes under the name Fedde said the perceiving part could be a form of ESP, yes it could be that certainly is another possible explanation. Even though i don't give much attention to the Super ESP hypothesis it nevertheless is a possible alternative explanation. Their is another possible explanation however too and this explanation would be that both hypotheses are true that survival and Super ESP but occur. That the soul uses ESP to hear and see things around it.


Fedde said...

one possibility might be that their perceiving is by an extremely good form of ESP

Leo MacDonald said...

Hi Fedde

Yes totally agree or could be that both Survival and Super ESP are both true!!!. That both are supported by the empirical evidence.

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