Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Naturalism the Dominant View of Mainstream Science

One of the reasons is the major successes it has, however when it fails which it has it's hard to give it up. The evidence against naturalism in general is overwhelming their is no way the evidence for survival can be accommodated in a naturalist worldview. Science can be used to favor a particular worldview over another if the evidence is uncovered. The evidence for survival fits well in a substance dualist worldview but doesn't fit in a naturalist worldview. That is one of the major reasons why I cannot take naturalism as the answer to why were here, who we are etc. Another reason is the evidence for psi phenomena that have been replicated over and over with positive results. This evidence also doesn't fit a naturalist worldview but does fit substance dualist and can also fit the view that all of reality is created by consciousness itself.

One thing can seems very straight forward naturalism isn't the answer however nothing can be ruled out completely. If all of the evidence for survival is just scientists chasing over something that really doesn't exist and psi doesn't exist either like naturalists assert. Well then they have won this debate hands down. One way to know for certain who's right and who's wrong is those last minutes of our lives when our bodies shutdown. Then we will all know the answer with 100 percent certainity.

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