Thursday, August 28, 2008

The War Continues Between Psi and Mainstream Science

So with all the replicated evidence for psi. Your probably wondering why maintstream science doesn't take psi seriously. Well, their are a number of reasons, one of them is the fear that we will plunge back into superstition. Chris Carter's book called Parapsychology and the skeptics goes through the skeptic arguments against psi and refutes them. I remember listening to the skeptic's guide to the universe, Steven Novella had Alex Tsakaris from skeptiko on. DJ Grothe asked Ales Tsakaris how he could consider psi phenomena because after 100 years their is no evidence for psi. This I find a very flawed argument.

Here's an interesting video entitled ''Science and the taboo of psi'' by Dr. Dean Radin.

More Random News

RIP: Fundamental Physics research at Bell Labs.

Leading astrobiologist and proponent of panspermia claims NASA has embargoed news of life on Mars for political reasons.

Strange clouds at the edge of space

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Dawkins is right and his critics are wrong

A supporter of Richard Dawkins titled why Dawkins is right and his critics are wrong. Obviously a one sided article. I for can clearly see that Richard Dawkins is pushing a position.

Obviously Richard Dawkins believes strongly that the paranormal is bunk.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Very Humid and Hot Day Outside

It's hot and humid outside pretty unbearable. It was raining hard outside earlier and very humid . Now the sun is out and it's hot and it's very humid along with it. According to many websites this could be a classic winter for many places.

Here are some sources I have tracked down on early predictions for this upcoming winter.

Old farmer's almanic

Long ranger forecast

Could this winter's weather add to economic woes?


Will see what Noaa says and others soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some Good Wrestling Music Videos

1. Tell me a lie- tribute to Shawn Michaels

2. Hulkster in heaven- Hulk Hogan

3. King of kings- Triple H

4. You can see me- John Cena

5. The Macho Man's theme song

More Mental Mediumship Evidence

Here's some references that you can look up yourself to see the data.

Positive results supportive of mediumship claims

- Dr J. G Pratt (1936) 'Towards a method of evaluating mediumistic material' Bulletin of the Boston Society of Psychical Research, 23

- J. G. Pratt & W. R. Birge (1948) 'Appraisal of verbal test material in parapsychology Journal of parapsychology. 12, 236-256

- Professor Getrude Schmeidler (1958) Analysis and evaluation of proxy session with Mrs Caroline Chapman . Journal of Parapsychology 22 137- 155

- Professor Archie Roy & Patricia Robertson (2001) A preliminary study by the acceptence of non-recipients to medium's statement to recipient Journal of the Society of Psychical Research 65.2, 863, 91-106

- Professor Archie Roy & Patricia Robertson (2004) Results of the application of Roberston-Roy protocol to a series of experiments with mediums and participants ' Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 68.1, 874, 18-34

Professor Archie Roy and Patricia Robertson found positive evidence to support the claim that mediums can communicate with the deceased. Also Professor Gary Schwartz and Dr.Julie Beischel who I made mentioned before also found positive evidence.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have been sick lately

Not feeling well hopely I get better soon.

My birthday is coming up on August 27th. I will turn 24 years old.

Random News

World's tallest woman Sandy Allen passed away at the age of 53 years old.

Michael Prescott discusses in this new blog post titles ''Igorance is bliss''

A new skeptiko podcast titled Dr. Julie Beischel Responds to Critics of Psychic Medium Research

Guest: Dr. Julie Beischel of the Windbridge Institute explains her research into the psychic medium phenomena and addresses skeptical claims about the validity of her findings.

Owen's Hart's ghost video

So what do you I think well it's sure is strange. Don't know what to think really.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Debating WIth Skeptics On Infidels Forum

Check it out here

This skeptic resorts to name calling, and says he has critical thinking? This is clear pseudoskepticism.

My Predictions For This Year's Summerslam Event

1. Montel Vontacious Porter v.s Jeff Hardy

I think Jeff Hardy will win.

2. Winner takes all tag team match

I think Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix will win.

3. Ecw champion Mark Henry v.s Matt Hardy

I say Mark Henry will win.

4. Edge v.s The Undertaker in a hell in a cell match

The undertaker will win I think.

5. John Cena v.s Batista

John Cena I think will win.

6. Shawn Michael's announcement

I think Shawn Michaels will announce his retirement.

7. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk v.s JBL

Jbl will win I think.

8. Wwe champion Triple H v.s The Great Khali

Triple H I think will win.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Did The Universe Come Out Of Pure Randomness?

I don't think so, one very strong reason is that the chances of that happening are very very very slim. Especially our universe if the constants changed one iota we would not be here. Of course the materialists will say that out universe is not really that amazing knowing that for example an asteroid can hit the earth at any moment. But however the chances are also not good for one to hit. It appears that our universe has been indeed been fine tuned.

Let's use this analogy I buy a lotto ticket and win the chances are totally not good. You have a better chance of getting into a car accident or struck by lightening. The chances of the universe coming from pure randomness is like winning the lottery every single day of your life. Maybe even more. So now to get away from the idea of god ,scientists postulate the many world's interpretation. which would still need to explain away, the immense fine tuning for example of the cosmological constant.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A New Skeptiko Podcast

It's titled Skeptical Inquirer Editor, Ben Radford

Guest: Ben Radford, managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine discusses what separates skeptics and “believers”, psychic medium research, and psychic detectives.

You can listen here enjoy.

Materialist's Claim Their Is No Evidence For Life After Death

This is an claim, that has been going on for a long time now. I really don't know, how they can claim that. Because if they really look into, parapsychology and psychical research they would find evidence.

A skeptic named Derek Colandun he hosts a podcast called Skepticality

I recently had an exchange with him


Well I would if someone gave me some proof... I'm not against the idea, in fact... I'd LOVE it if it were true. But, I just can't live my life against logic.

Although, I have no problem with people who DO believe in the idea of them having a soul, even a form of 'god'. I just hate when people use it as a basis to force others to act certain ways, or to justify ANY action they perform. That is how we end with crazy violence and wars.

In fact, when I went to college I was only one semester from a degree in theology. I didn't MEAN to do that, just all my extra electives and such ended up that way. My counselor really tried to have me stay for ONE more semester to get the second major. I REALLY was just done with school at that point, so I skipped it. I've always been VERY interested in how people can believe illogical things which make them feel as if they can cause harm or redicule on others with zero proof. Just more of a sick, twisted, interest I have always had since I was about 11. I blame it on my father, who might be more atheist than Richard Dawkins. I thnk he got that way cause his mother forced him to go to some uber-Catholic school his entire childhood.

But, it is funny that on a message board about people being 'Infidels' you felt the need to bring up that you aren't one!

Derek C.

Well, I was a skeptic before too this has not taken away any logical thinking. What has made me believe is the awesome research done in parapsychology and psychical research that got me thinking on my toes. I see much purpose in life. I had many experiences with the paranormal that i couldn't explain as anything physical no matter how hard i wanted to explain them that way.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Skeptics

The skeptics claim that if their really was evidence for life after death their would be billions of dollars being spent. Lol, yeah this skeptic obviously doesn't know much about this. If he did he would know that evidence such as the cross correspondences would dismiss a miss opportunity for mainstream scientists.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a mean thing to do

All Mick Foley did was try to help Edge what does he do?. He starts beating him up.

The Undertaker Returns At Summerslam

I am so happy that the Undertaker will make his return at Summerslam to wrestle Edge. Edge has been a pain in many fans sides and deserves to beat up bad. By the way, the match will be in a hell in a cell this is awesome pure brutality.

The question I am thinking on is will Vickie Guerrero go back to Edge? Could this be a setup? Or could Kane come back as the old kane with the mask which I think is really in his bag?. We will see.

Harry Houdini really did come through with his message after his death?. Dr. Gary Schwartz Soul Phone Experiments

It looks like the Soul Experiments are gathering strong positive results. This article describes a breakthrough in the development of a stag...