Monday, August 11, 2008

Did The Universe Come Out Of Pure Randomness?

I don't think so, one very strong reason is that the chances of that happening are very very very slim. Especially our universe if the constants changed one iota we would not be here. Of course the materialists will say that out universe is not really that amazing knowing that for example an asteroid can hit the earth at any moment. But however the chances are also not good for one to hit. It appears that our universe has been indeed been fine tuned.

Let's use this analogy I buy a lotto ticket and win the chances are totally not good. You have a better chance of getting into a car accident or struck by lightening. The chances of the universe coming from pure randomness is like winning the lottery every single day of your life. Maybe even more. So now to get away from the idea of god ,scientists postulate the many world's interpretation. which would still need to explain away, the immense fine tuning for example of the cosmological constant.

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Rupsa said...

Great posts Leo. I am a new blogger writing on the same topic and your post demand attention, for sure.


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