Monday, July 31, 2017

Having my Wisdom teeth removed

Well soon I will have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I recently went to the dentist and I had an x-ray done to my teeth as my teeth were hurting. The x-ray revealed that two of my wisdom teeth are pushing against my other teeth (Impacted Wisdom Teeth).

The dentist told me it would be better to have all my wisdom teeth removed. So I am now waiting to receive my bill in the mail to see how much it will cost me. I am on MSI, I believe they pay like 80 percent and I pay 20 percent. However, they may pay the entire bill as it's considered to be a major health hazard. There is a lot of things on my mind lately that is just one of them another is the fact that my sister and her husband are wanting me and my mother to move very close to Ottawa Ontario with them next summer. I think we will as their is no jobs in this small town. The economy is much better there as well as their is a lot of things to do there too.

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