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The Aether and The Scole Experiments And A Survey About Me

A long time ago Dayton Miller was doing experiments to see if there really is a background medium called aether what he found it yes there is he got large postive results. Today it is written in every physics textbook that the Michelson and Morley experiment proved that the background medium aether does not exist because they got a null result. However that result is misleading in fact they received a small positive result. Albert Einstein wanted his theory of general relavity to be right that he ignored the overwhelming experimental evidence for the ether and had to say no the aether does not exist because his collegues would duped him as a crankpot.

The Scole Experiment over the course of 5 years received positive results from the otherside for example

Six years of experiments

Scole is a village in Norfolk, England. Using it as a base, several experimenters of the Scole Group, including mediums Robin and Sandra Foy and Alan and Diana Bennett, (pictured below) produced brilliant evidence for the afterlife in experiments conducted in England, the United States, Ireland and in Spain.

Senior scientists and investigators who participated in the Scole Experiment included Professors David Fontana and Arthur Ellison and Montague Keen. Of course, over the six years there were many others who attended as senior scientists and guests in the actual experiments: Dr Hans Schaer, a lawyer; Dr Ernst Senkowski; Piers Eggett; Keith McQuin Roberts; Dr Rupert Sheldrake; Professor Ivor Grattan-Guiness all with scientific or other relevant background and host of other highly credible witnesses who have had years of experience in dealing with the paranormal.

NASA scientists involved

In the United States sessions were also attended by a number of scientists including a number of senior scientists from the space agency NASA and others from the Institute of Noetic Sciences near San Francisco as well as representatives from Stanford University. Grant and Jane Solomon who wrote a book on the experiments report that after the experiments some fifteen scientists from the NASA group formed their own psychic group to continue to communicate with the afterlife entities (Solomon 1999:73 and 189).

One critical thing that the reader is asked to consider is that during these experiments, the ‘spirit team’ working from the side of the afterlife expressly stated that it was they who were causing psychic phenomena.

This was to rule out ‘super ESP’ and other theoretical and abstract irrelevancies as an explanation of Scole effects. The members of the ‘spirit team’ identified themselves. The ‘spirit scientists’ identified themselves. And intermittently, there were guest spirit observers such as the formerly highly gifted medium, Helen Duncan.

for more information of the evidence from The Scole Experiment check out these links

Survey About Me

what is your shoesize? 10 wide
height? 6'4 without shoes
weight: 230 pounds
favorite food? pizza
have any pets? yes two cats and one dog
have any brothers and sisters? yes two older borthers and one older sister
age: 22 years old
birthday? august 27th
favorite color? i ahve three favorite colors red,green and blue
favorite sport? wrestling
actvities? reading, walking, weightlifting, playing basketball
single or dating or in a relationship or married? single
favorite number? 6
zodiac sign? virgo
fears? heights and clowns
drink or smoke? neither

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