Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Electronic Voice Phenomena And How My Day Went So Far

So what's my personal Opinion on Electronic Voice Phenomena I for one think it's real it's true that at times the words are hard to make out I think the reason for that is the envrionmental influence.

If you don't know what EVP here's a definition of it:

Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, refers to the claimed occurrence of "spirit voices" that are said to manifest themselves on audio recordings.

Tom and Lisa Butler are currently working on EVP to perfect better communication from the otherside.

There was also the PYE records that were done a long time ago by Dr.Konstantine Raudive he and a team of experts received over 200 voices that came from the otherside. All the experts that were present could not come up with any physical explanation that could account for these voices.

For Example here is what some experts had to say about the Pye Experiments while they were there receiving voices from the otherside

Ken Attwood, Chief Engineer of Pye who stated:

“I have done everything in my power to break the mystery of the voices without success; the same applies to other experts. I suppose we must learn to accept them.”

Dr Brendan McGann, Director of the Institute of Psychology, Dublin said:
“I have apparently succeeded in reproducing the phenomena. Voices have appeared on a tape which did not come from any known source.” (Bander 1973:132).

A.P. Hale, Physicist and Electronics Engineer stated:

“In view of the tests carried out in a screened laboratory at my firm, I can not explain what happened in normal physical terms.” (Bander 1973:132).

Sir Robert Mayer, LL.D., D.Sc., Mus.D. concluded:

“If the experts are baffled, I consider this is a good enough reason for presenting the Voice Phenomena to the general public.” (Bander 1973:132).

Ted Bonner of Decca and RTE said:

“This is no trick. This is no gimmickry; this is something we have never dreamed of before.” (Bander 1973:106).

Here's some other experts also in the Evp Field

Dr Anabella Cordoso, Prof David Fontana, Dr S Darnell, Prof Sylvia Hart, Dr Mario Varvoglis, Prof Mario Festa, Dr E Marabini, Dr Felice Masi, Prof E Senkowski, Dr A Trifimov, Dr Peter Fenwick, Dr W von Lucidou.

Here's a good link on common questions usually asked about EVP

Well I work at COOP a grocery store in the produce section. Today I was putting out bananas,cherries,turnups,cabbages,peaches,quarts of strawberries,2 pound bags of carrots and five pound bags of carrots,putting out some markdowns,bagging bananas,putting out some pears.

It's so hot here in New Glasgow,Nova Scotia Canada it's like 39 degrees in the sun right now.

I went to the gym yesterday bench pressing, cable crossovers, incline barbell chest press,machine shoulder press.

In August by the middle of the month I finally am going to be meeting hopefully the girl of my dreams her name is Elisha Newcomer were really good friends when we chat on msn.

I love listening to all types of music rap,rock,country,pop,alternative rock,country,hip hop.

here's what percentage i would give so far to life after death,god,free will and reincarnation

I feel

95 percent that there is life after death a soul that survives and that we will see our loved ones again
90 percent that there is a god
80 percent that reincarnation exist
90 percent that we have free will

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