Monday, July 23, 2007

Out of Body Specific Research That Give Evidence For The Soul Leaving The Body

OBE Specific Research:

--The Monroe Institute's OBE Experiments.

--Charles Tart's OBE Experiment of having an experienced OBEr accurately read a five-digit number from an unreachable/unseeable location. 100,000 to 1 chance accuracy.

--Robert Morris' OBE Experiments with Keith Harary who reported accurately on sitters, letters, and positions, in a sealed laboratory 20 yards away.

--Clinical testing of OBEs - in which strain gauges were triggered at a distance, apparently by the test subject's roving presence, and in which an animal reacted consistently as if the subject were in the room when he was reportedly having an OBE while asleep in the next room.

--The US Government's 20 year long Program "Stargate" on Remote Viewing which had a number of amazing positive veridical results with Remote Viewers, as well as a number of misses.

These Studies support a soul separating from the physical body.

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