Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Best Physical Mediums And How My Day's Gone So far

Here is a list of who I think the best physical mediums are that have shown evidence for survival after death.

DD Homes

The Schneider Boys

Miss Stella C

Helen Duncan

Eusapia Palladino

Florence Cook

Also Franek Kluski, the Warsaw medium who was notable for materializing large numbers of animals and mediumship was verified by Dr Gustave Geley, who participated in Kluski's seances at the Paris Institut Metapsychique International and by Prof. F. W. Pawlowski.

My day went pretty well back to work this morning I put out a bag of turnips, a bag of 2 pound carrots, put out some potatoes 10 pound bags, i put out some spanish onions and red onions, i put out two boxes of bananas, i bag up some banana's [markdowns] also I put out a box of brocoli

I'm planning on going to the gym too probably workout all triceps, and back.

Here's a some movies that I like House of a thousand corpses, See No Evil, The Messengers, The Devil's Rejects, King Kong.

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