Thursday, July 19, 2007

Times of change

Maybe now the tide is turning with the well documented study done by Dr.Pim Van Lommel done in 2001 then published in the highly respected Lancet medical jounral. Plus the medium experiments being done by Professor Gary Scwartz and Dr.Julie Beischel under strict scientific conditions. I'm so happy that the tide seems to be turning for example check out this site Alex Tsakiris runs with the help of Annalisa Ventola it's called to test experiments in the field of parapsychology with the collabaration of both the skeptics and the parapsychologists to see if they can be proven. But sadly I think some skeptics won't accept the conclusion no matter what the results to out to be. There have been many skeptics that can be classed as the closed-minded type here's a list of ones that I feel are closed-minded that wants to do anything just to keep there materialistic paradigm going.

1. Magicians Pen and Teller
2. Dr.Michael Shermer
3. Dr.Ray Hyman
4. Daniel Dennett
5. Dr.Susan Blackmore
6. Dr.John Searle
7. Dr.Patrica Churchland
8. Professor Chris French
9. Dr.Steven Novella
10. Keith Augustine
11. Dr.Richard Dawkins
12. Professor Steve Pinker
13. Professor E. Alcock
14. Former James Zwinge Randi

Here's some examples of some skeptics making conclusions that were not drawn from the parapsychologists and doctors who were doing studies

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