Monday, July 16, 2007

My Personal Experiences With The Paranormal

I had many experiences with the paranormal two were premonitions. My first premonition involved sept 11th terrorist's attacks on New York I saw on my premonitions two very large building close together then a saw a airplane crashing into the buidling then another aiplane crashing into the second building. In the second premonition i saw my uncle Dennis on a airplane I had these premonitions at night, lightening struck the airplane not once but twice.

My mom called my uncle Dennis because he was coming down to visit me and family he said the exact same thing i saw in my premonition he said lightening struck the airplane twice and it did not catch on fire in my premonition the same thing happened the airplane did not catch on fire. One day my mom and I were using the ouija board her mother came through which would be my grandmother she said she was alright and that everything is fine just wanted to hi and check and see what my how my mom was she said she had to go.

Another experience I had was with my brother Tommy's former girlfriend he and her were living in a old apartment and soon as I was there I could feel a presence I know this may sound crazy but I started to feel Tommy's former girlfriend her name is Suzanne father who died in the room.

My mother had many experiences to before I was born she told me where she used to live and that when she use to godown to the basement she would hear that weird sounds.

One night my Mom told me the next day that when she was sleeping then woke up she saw a big black dog it started going towards my dad she said she saw this big black dog not once but for 4 nights in a row.


M.C. said...

Hi Leo.

Very interesting. Would you mind if I work with you on an external corroboration of some of your precognitive events? I'd like to write it up on my blog if it looks like some good evidence for precognition.

Leo MacDonald said...

Sure Michael Cromer just tell me when you would like to do it would be a pleasure to work with you on that. I always read your blog I find is a well written and very detailed.

M.C. said...

Thanks Leo!

Drop me an email when you get a chance:

Oh, and my name is Matthew not Michael.

I'll send you some follow up questions when I have your email address.

Blue1965 said...

What does that mean when you see a large black dog? I not sure but I seem to remember that it wasn't a good sign.

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