Saturday, July 28, 2007

Belief Vs Evidence

A belief is something everything has however if it is not validated by scientific evidence it because a blind belief with no substance. Has Evidence can be falsify but that's what makes science interesting the thing is if there is enough scientific evidence for something then is because probable that it exists.

I have been researching a lot on life after death the evidence that i have read very carefully and looked with a critical eye i am now 90 percent convinced that life after death does exist that there is a nonphysical soul and that are consciousness does survive death.

Here's a few good websites on survival of the soul and consciousness after death.

There is also a lot of evidence for Psi Phenomena for example Dr.Dean Radin says things about the closed-minded skeptics who don't bother to research and investigate the evidence

Most of the commonly repeated skeptical reactions to psi research are extreme views, driven by the belief that psi is impossible. The effect of repeatedly seeing skeptical dismissals of the research, in college textbooks and in prominent scientific journals, has diminished mainstream academic interest in this topic. However, informed opinions, even among skeptics, shows that virtually all of the past skeptical arguments against psi have dissolved in the face of overwhelming positive evidence, or they are based on incredibly distorted versions of the actual research.

Here's another good article on The problem with James Randi

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