Sunday, July 15, 2007

Arguments And Evidence For Life After Death And Psi Evidence

Revolutionary findings of Nobel Laureate Roger Sperry in the area of brain science. Sperry demonstrated beyond doubt that the conscious intention to do something comes first--before the firing of the brain cells and the whole neural network connected with this human intention. Sperry specified the supplementary motor area (SMA) as the brain area that is activated first by human consciousness. These findings contradicted Sperry’s own theoretical inclinations. Originally, and for decades, Sperry had wanted to prove that brain processes create consciousness. His fact-based scientific discoveries showed otherwise. Consciousness can precede and alter brain events.

2. Fact-based discoveries of the Global Consciousness Project based in Princeton University. This project has found a way to construct random event generators (REGs) on the basis of quantum physics. REGs generate random events. So scientists in Princeton wanted to determine whether or not consciousness can alter the randomness of the REG machines. If consciousness induces non-random patterns in the REG machines, then it would mean that consciousness has the power to alter material events. Their data, collected from a global network of more than 40 autonomous REG machines in many countries, clearly demonstrates that consciousness can affect the workings of matter.

Readings for significant global events like September 11 clearly show that consciousness impacts matter.

3. Neuroplasticity This new science has now established that our consciousness can not only stimulate the emergence of new brain cells (neurogenesis), but can also alter the functional areas of the brain (neuroplasticity). A person’s visual cortex--what enables us to see physical objects--can be transformed, by conscious training, into an adjunct or supplementary auditory cortex in blind people, for example.

Neuroplasticity also debunks the idea that we have no sense of self or freedom. Transforming our brain (neuroplasticity) requires a continuous and consistent focus and attention that overcomes random brain processes. There is clearly a consistent sense of self that freely undertakes the conscious and voluntary act of pursuing a practice that ultimately transforms the brain to be a supportive matrix for the new practices and habits that we want to create.

4. As early as the 70s and 80s of the last century, the US Department of Defense was spending millions of dollars using, or better, misusing public funds and the capacity of consciousness to transcend its bodily (including) brain limits. The US military trained individuals to master out-of-body (OBE) journeys to expand and advance the range of their arsenal in espionage and counter-espionage. Their OBE experts traveled in consciousness to the depths of the sea, into the hidden and locked vaults of target enemy buildings to secure highly confidential information. Such a program was publicly defended in the public records of the US Congress in the early 1980s.

5. Instrumental Transcommunication Experiments

6. Accurate out of body perceptions cases where many patients had no brain activity and no heart beat.

7. Xenoglossy

8. The best cases of Past-Life Regression cases

9. The Best Cases Induced Hypnotic Regression

10. The Best Physical Mediumship Cases

11. The Scole Experiments

12. Remote Viewing Experiments

13. Thousands and thousands of Psi Experiments

14. Extrasenory Perception

15. Telepathy

16. The Best Ouija Board Cases

17. The Cross-Correspondences

18. Premonitions

19. Automatic Writing

20. The Best cases of Sprit Posession

21. The Near Death Experiences Of Children Are Remarkably Similiar To Adult Near Death Experiences

22. Animal Telepathy

23. Psychokinesis

24. The Mental Mediumship Experiments

25. The Norfolk Experiment

26. Some People Have Been Dead For Several Days

27. Drop In Communicator cases

28. Astral Projection Experiments

29. Internal Impression Cases

30. The problem of genius

31. The nonphysical aspect of Qualia

32. Mental States seems to be different from brain states

33. Electronic Voice Phenomena Experiments

34. Deathbed Visions

35. Spontaneous Cases

36. Direct-Voice Mediums

37. The best cases of apparitions

38. the best photographic evidence for ghosts

39. after-death communications

40. groups of dying peple can share the same near death experience

41. people have near death experiences have brought back scientific discoveries

42. Evidence of telepathy in pets

43. psyhic laboratory experiments
- dr.ostio rudi schneider physical psyhic experiments
- measuring psychic temperature
- psychological testing
-voice machine analysis
- EEG analysis

44. precognition

45. Placedo Response

46. People born blind can see during a near death experience

47. stimata

48. hypnotic suggestion though well known they demonstrate the influence of mental states on the body

49. Memory Traces have never been found in the brain

50. unexplained properties of all human thinking, memory and violition

51. Clairoyance

52. Proxy-Sittings

53. Quantum Physics
- The Aether- every physical body has a etheric body

54. the worldwide phenomenon of untive mystical experience

55. levivation

56. introspection

57. irreducibility

58. cases of people with no detectable brain mass
- one case for example a college student with an above average IQ turned out to be hydrocephalic and have almost no brain at all. The brain tissue in his skull was flattened into a millimeter-thick membrane.

59. mediatation alters brain states

60. the two dimensional argument

61. phone calls from the dead cases a deceased person's voice is heard on the telephone.

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