Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reasons why Near death experiences and out of body experiences are evidence of life after death

1.) Blind Patients who have near death experiences report accurate verdical perceptions while outside their bodies with strong colloboration from nurses and doctors.
2.) Patients with near death experiences report accurate verdical perceptions while outside their bodies with strong colloboration from nurses and doctors.
3.) The closer one is to death the more likely they are to have a near death experience.
4.) The majority of patients who have near death experiences and out of body experiences have no illusory elements.
5) No natural explanation can account for out of body experiences and near death experiences which has been shown time and time again.
6) Worldwide Consistency- Non western ndes are remarkably similiar to western ndes across many cultures and religions.
7). Aftereffects- It is common for people to experience major life changes after having near-death experiences. These aftereffects are often powerful, lasting, life-enhancing, and the changes generally follow a consistent pattern. As the NDErs themselves almost always believe- near-death experiences are, in a word, real.
8) Family Reunions- During a NDE, the people encountered are virtually always deceased, and are usually relatives of the person having the experience- sometimes they are even relatives who died before the NDEr was born. Were the NDE only a product of memory fragments, they would almost certainly include far more living people, including those with whom they had more recently interacted.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Electrical brain activity surge may explain near death experiences and out of body experiences

Not so fast there are a lot of big problems with this explanation. The study found identifical electrical surges in all 7 teminally ill patients moments before their lives ended. The doctors however do admit that complex mental experiences are happening in near death experiences/out of body experiences unlike other scientists who pretend that those experiences don't happen. But like the rest of mainsteam science they see nde/obe as a threat so there comes here speculation that this could be caused by a last surge of electrical brain activity. You can read the article here

The big problem is

1] Doesn't explain accurate verdical accounts of obe that patients report from the hospital room and even well outside the hospital room.
2.] Doesn't explain how blind people from birth can accurately report there out of body experience
3] It appears this surge lasts for three minutes many out of body experiences happen for a longer period of time
4.] Also there is serious evidence for verdical experiences during a flat EEG,dilated pupils and absence of the gag.
5.] No report of any mental experiences whatsoevr by the patients, only the scientist doing the study assumed they had these experiences when this last brain surge happened.
6.] The last electrical surge is also probably a low level surge, because remember patients with near death experiences have full blown and even heightened conscious
mental activity.
7] Finally this has been known for a long time now that there is a this last electrical surge which is low level.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

About my Dad and Memories of my Dad

About my Dad

My dad loved his children Roddy, Tommy, Leo and Denise
He loved his loving wife Leona
He always took care of us
He loved his pets (Max, Mancub, Queenie, Snowball, Molly)
He loved cars
He liked going to flea markets
He enjoyed doing flues, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, selling tvs, vcrs

Memories of my dad
My dad always said don’t look at those pictures of hot girls you’ll go blind lol
Me and my dad used to mow lawns together at Langille’s, one day Langille got in his van
And he almost choke on the seatbelt because he put in on wrong.
One of my dad’s back tires was low on air and langille in the front seat he sunk down when I got in the
Backseat lol
We used to always carry on about wrestling
My dad used to barbecue hamburgers and some of the chokehold from the bottom of the barbecue got into the hamburger lol my mom and me tasted like rocks in them.
My dad a lot of time took me to sobeys and told me lol to open up one of those regular size 500ml of chocolate milk and drink it lol and never paid for it lol
Me and dad used to buy the pepsi slushies before going to mow a lawn
My dad walked the butt of our past little doggie Queenie hehe
My dad loved his kit kat bars
My father never was into the rich life always made just enough money so we could live
My father loved going to weddings
Me and dad always carried on with a stuffed toy called slyvester

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