Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Electrical brain activity surge may explain near death experiences and out of body experiences

Not so fast there are a lot of big problems with this explanation. The study found identifical electrical surges in all 7 teminally ill patients moments before their lives ended. The doctors however do admit that complex mental experiences are happening in near death experiences/out of body experiences unlike other scientists who pretend that those experiences don't happen. But like the rest of mainsteam science they see nde/obe as a threat so there comes here speculation that this could be caused by a last surge of electrical brain activity. You can read the article here


The big problem is

1] Doesn't explain accurate verdical accounts of obe that patients report from the hospital room and even well outside the hospital room.
2.] Doesn't explain how blind people from birth can accurately report there out of body experience
3] It appears this surge lasts for three minutes many out of body experiences happen for a longer period of time
4.] Also there is serious evidence for verdical experiences during a flat EEG,dilated pupils and absence of the gag.
5.] No report of any mental experiences whatsoevr by the patients, only the scientist doing the study assumed they had these experiences when this last brain surge happened.
6.] The last electrical surge is also probably a low level surge, because remember patients with near death experiences have full blown and even heightened conscious
mental activity.
7] Finally this has been known for a long time now that there is a this last electrical surge which is low level.

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Scithefodder said...

Beautifully said Leo. I’m particularly drawn to your #5, as it eludes me how something can be sited as a cause for an effect that is apparently absent. As a former corpse myself, I find it humorous to read these claims meant to argue away the uncomfortable truth that consciousness is not just the epiphenomenon of chemistry, electricity, and brain structure that some want us to believe. Causation is always poorly supported, and never honestly reasoned. Why have all the skeptics abandoned Occam’s razor, inventing dozens of convoluted and poorly reasoned theories to avoid the obvious and well established fact that we are more than just atoms?


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