Saturday, August 9, 2008

Materialist's Claim Their Is No Evidence For Life After Death

This is an claim, that has been going on for a long time now. I really don't know, how they can claim that. Because if they really look into, parapsychology and psychical research they would find evidence.

A skeptic named Derek Colandun he hosts a podcast called Skepticality

I recently had an exchange with him


Well I would if someone gave me some proof... I'm not against the idea, in fact... I'd LOVE it if it were true. But, I just can't live my life against logic.

Although, I have no problem with people who DO believe in the idea of them having a soul, even a form of 'god'. I just hate when people use it as a basis to force others to act certain ways, or to justify ANY action they perform. That is how we end with crazy violence and wars.

In fact, when I went to college I was only one semester from a degree in theology. I didn't MEAN to do that, just all my extra electives and such ended up that way. My counselor really tried to have me stay for ONE more semester to get the second major. I REALLY was just done with school at that point, so I skipped it. I've always been VERY interested in how people can believe illogical things which make them feel as if they can cause harm or redicule on others with zero proof. Just more of a sick, twisted, interest I have always had since I was about 11. I blame it on my father, who might be more atheist than Richard Dawkins. I thnk he got that way cause his mother forced him to go to some uber-Catholic school his entire childhood.

But, it is funny that on a message board about people being 'Infidels' you felt the need to bring up that you aren't one!

Derek C.

Well, I was a skeptic before too this has not taken away any logical thinking. What has made me believe is the awesome research done in parapsychology and psychical research that got me thinking on my toes. I see much purpose in life. I had many experiences with the paranormal that i couldn't explain as anything physical no matter how hard i wanted to explain them that way.

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