Saturday, March 24, 2012

M. Hector Durville's experiments on the Astral Body

I think many here will I find this very interesting experiments showing that the astral body does exist or soul. M. Hector Durville did experiments on finding out if there really is an astral body. The subject of the experiment is constantly rapport with the double. Usually this is cylindrical , but may sometimes appear to be a sort of ribbon. As to the clothes of the phantom, these seem to be composed of a sort of "fluidic gauze". Various sense-impressions are conveyed to the body by the means of the astral cord. the question of temperature is imporatant; as too much light has a detrimental effect upon the astral body. Experiments with the dynamometer showed that the muscular strength (grip) of the subject was always greater after the projection than before. On the contrary, the temperature of the hand, particularly of the right hand, almost invariably fell as the result of the experiment. The action of the phantom upon the double of another subject both being "projected" at the same time; and upon the physical body of another person.

Some positive results were apparently secured in both cases. Some successes were also reported in obtaining physical movements of objects and raps, and moving the straw of a sthenometer, at a distance from the entrenched subject by the projected astral body, and various vital radiations emitted by it or by the physical body.

He concluded like many scientists have that the projection of the astral body is a certain fact, capable pf being demonstrated by means of direct experiment. Also, since the phantom can exist and function apart from the physical body. It may also exist after death. That is, Immortality is a fact thus proved scientifically.


Eleanor Stoneham said...

thank you for your short article. You would have been interested in the latest Scientific and Medical Network conference where the "subtle Body" was discussed - and the work of Hector Durville was mentioned as being scientific and not widely known about. The speaker was Carlos S Alvarado, expert in the history of psychical research.

Eleanor Stoneham said...

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