Friday, March 23, 2012

AdamWho at it again

First he makes the statement that the mind body problem has been solved well over 100 years ago. Completely false there are many scientists that would disagree with that statement. Then he says FMRI can detect thoughts that that can decoded from brain activity. Yes, the brain is a decoder, filter, receiver of consciousness that doesn't prove that consciousness is produce by the brain. Apparently many other new agers as they are referred to on there have been banned as well. That doesn't surprise me in the least as I mentioned before the forum and the site has an agenda to promote naturalism.

From another user on there he or she says:

While fMRI does not show 'consciousness' it does appear to show a correlation between brain activity and perception, thought, response to stimuli, etc: what we generally refer to as being 'consciousness.

Correct a correlation a strong one but a strong correlation does show causation.

Adamwho then says

The point being that there need not be any such activity if the 'mind' is located elsewhere.

Wrong their is activity in a tv set as well as a radio. The question remains where the source of consciousness at?. Is it the brain? Is it the brain plus the interaction with the environment? EM field? Quantum Mechanics?. What if consciousness is primary and matter and energy are secondary?.

He also mentions that no transmission parts or receiver parts have been found in the brain. The brain is a very complex organ and we know there are neurotransmitters in the brain so its wrong that no transmissive parts have been found. The brain also receives information from the cerebral cortex. The questions remains is the brain the generator of consciousness or the receiver, decoder, filter of consciousness?

Here's something to think about by Dr. Larry Dossey

We can damage a television set so severely that we lose the image on the screen, but this doesn’t prove that the TV actually produced the image. We know that David Letterman does not live behind the TV screen on which he appears; yet the contention that brain equals consciousness is as absurd as if he did.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your suggestion that consciousness is primary with matter and energy secondary. My years of personal experience of being influenced by other peoples' thoughts, feelings and physical states, back up your ideas. I see consciousness as being an all encompassing fundamental field for the transmission and reception of information by means of our physical body. Our brain is the physical system through which information ( thought and feeling) is made conscious; a two-way process.

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