Saturday, August 11, 2007

Telepathy, My Top 10 Things I Like To Do

Telepathy is the ability to read someone else's mind. Dr.Rupert Sheldrake has been doing experiments dogs to see if they know when their owners to coming home.

Richard Wiseman did experiments with Rupert Sheldrake on a dog called Jaytee here's a good article on it how Rupert Sheldrake got positive results for psi and Richard Wiseman said he did not then then Rupert Sheldrake looked at both date his and Wiseman and found that both got identical positive results for psi.

Here is the 10 things I like to do for fun:

1. lift weights
2. listen to music
3. watch ghost whisperer, celebrity paranormal project, ghostly encounters
4. read
5. play viddeo games
6. watch wrestling on tv
7. play basketball
8. go to the mall
9. go to the beach
10. watch movies

1 comment:

productman said...

Its like answering the phone and know who it is before you hear the voice ,or perhaps you have a premonition of something that has not happened yet!

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