Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mind, Brain and Consciousness

Materialists point out like we dualists already know that mind is radically affected by the effects of brain damage, drugs etc. Mind is information based so it's no surprise it's affected by these affects. This mind is connected to consciousness[subjective qualia]. This is the soul the essence of a person that is similiar to the physical body but slightly different. This is my take on things when it comes to the mind body problem. Of course i know many philosophers and neuroscientists would disagree. Just want to point out how i describe consciousness and the mind this appears to fit very well with the known facts from what we know in neuroscience. Except, of course for the last part that their is a immaterial soul that is connected to the mind and the brain. The evidence from the cross correspondences, book tests, drop in communicators among many other lines of evidence strongly points too not just that consciousness[soul] survives death but also the information[mind] continues as well.

Of course, i could be wrong about all of this. Perhaps all of the evidence that points strongly that we survive along with all other species is all just fraud, delusion, unconscious fraud etc. Perhaps but after many decades of extensive research done by many psychical research it sures look unlikely.

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