Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More On Medium Arthur Ford's Breaking The Houdini Code Or Did He?

It now looks like Arthur Ford was indeed a fraud, before his death he wrote this article.

Now to the reason why i think he is now a fraud. It's because Keith Augustine presented to me some information from wikipedia.

I quote

Ford's Hidden Archives

"After Arthur Ford's death, Ford's close friend and supporter William V. Rauscher and author Allen Spraggrett discovered Ford's collection of obituaries, newspaper clippings, Who's Who articles, etc. that Ford had hidden away. They were disguised as bound poetry books. Ford read his poetry before giving a reading. There was enough information to indicate that much of the famous Pike messages and others were fraudulent.[citation needed] There were many other things that Ford ordered his secretary to burn that are lost. Ford and his secretary parted company due to a falling out. Ford's secretary claimed Ford had no psychic abilities. The book Arthur Ford: The Man Who Talked with the Dead by Allen Spraggett with William V. Rauscher, New American Library, Inc.,1973 gives the whole story and is the primary source used in Alcock's book".

Also here is a good blogpost created by Michael Prescott who discusses Arthur Ford.

However, their are at least one incident where it appears he had legitimate psychic abilites.

Go here to read this incident which appears to strongly suggest he had legitimate psychic abilties some of the time.

Some new information I have come across seems to call into question that Arthur Ford was a complete fraud.

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