Friday, September 18, 2009

Classic Rocky Movies Are Some Of My Favorite Movies

Especially rocky 3 and 4 where Rocky Balboas went up against Clubber Lang in rocky 3 and in rocky 4 went up against Ivan Drago. I enjoy all of the rocky movies though but those two are my favorite ones out of the other four rocky movies that came out. There are many things i like about all of the rocky movies from 1 to 6 and that is they inspire me and i am sure i ain't just that i am, i know many others were probably inspire by them too. The message is never give up, when your training in the gym give it all you got. Determination is the major thing that you need obviously in order to stay in the gym busting your ass off.

Music that i enjoy from rocky movies that give me strength and tell me to never give up.

- The Burning Heart
- Hearts on Fire
- Eye of the Tiger
- The Measure of a Man
- No easy way out
- It's a Fight

The Measure of a Man

Eye of the Tiger

Burning Heart

Hearts on Fire

Measure of a Man

It's a Fight

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