Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Family Not Having Good Luck

First, my brother Roddy's and his wife Tanya's truck was stolen. Tanya forgot her truck keys and left them in the truck, after a long day of work. He also left 20 dollars in her wallet in the car along with all of her cards. The police found their truck and it was inbounded. He does have insurance on his vehicle which is good news. Second, my brother Tommy and his girlfriend Becky got the bad news that they won't get custody of Skyler and Trinity. The case worker taking of this case of child abuse. His past girlfriend Melissa abused the kids, and is now out of town afraid probably of charges that will be layed on her. The case worker had the nerve to say that my brother was selfish, that he thought of himself before the kids. Which is not true at all.

Third, this is what happened, me and my mom we went to the library. Tommy and Becky took my father for a drive, Tommy and Becky with my father got back before we did, he went to go the bedroom didn't make it. He fell on the floor near the mircowave. We got home my mom saw him their on the floor he had a couple of bruises on him from landing. My Mom got my brother Tommy to take him to the hospital so they went away to the hospital. My mom said when she got home that they did a bunch of tests on him in the emergency room. As far as the doctors know based on the tests he has very low blood pressure. They think it's because of him being on three different medications for his blood pressure. When he's sleeping his blood pressure is normal but as soon as he gets up it drops a lot. So the doctors are keeping him in to closely monitor his blood pressure. He should be out in a few days. This happened yesterday.

My Mom and my sister are going over to the hospital, they only allow two vistors to see the patient at one time. They they are going to be seeing my father this afternoon. My poor mom and i too found it hard to sleep last night no wonder after all of the bad luck we have had as of late.

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