Monday, September 14, 2009

Very Bad News!!!

Not good news, this morning my Mom got a phone call from the hospital. My father had small heart attacks , now they have him hooked up to a machine giving him morphine. My mom was in tears and so am i , were both depressed. Our big concern now is a lot of the time well small heart attacks can lead to a big heart attack. My sister came down this morning saying he may need a pacemaker. Also our cat Mancub took another seizure this morning, he didn't have one for 40 days. Very sad right now, and angry as well, at the doctor who gave him a lot of medication. Which i think probably cause his small heart attacks. Also a part of his heart is now weaker obviously after the small heart attacks. Damn, i never really believed in miracles before but me and my family really need a big one now.

If anyone sees this post, please pray for my family right now. We can sure use it.

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Mozart Rolim said...

Keep going and be strong!!!!!!
There are many troubles in life , and I´m sure you will get better after all.

Best regards


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