Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Will Is It Real Or An Illusion?

Some believe free will is real while others believe it's just a illusion. A powerful illusion that we strongly believe we have but we don't. While i strongly disagree, it's very evident that we have free will to some degree anyways. One such example that we have some free will is the fact that are arms go up when we get out of bed in the morning. You can say well that is the thing with the old arm sometimes it goes up and someones it doesn't. But the fact remains the arms go up. For a epiphenomenalism to work it has to show why a simple observation of the arm moving up and down is just an illusion. Of course free will conflicts with the current scientific worldview which is naturalism.

On a off-topic note on my father: He is doing good, my mom had to go to the Halifax hospital to see my father. The doctors there are running tests on his heart to see if another blood clot form in his heart.


Palmyra said...

Free will and naturalism need not be connected. There's proponents of naturalism who do believe in free will (albeit, not one offered by a/the god)

Still, before we ask ourselves whether free will exists or not, we should first define what free will is. (Just like before we ask whether god exists, we should define what god is)

Leo MacDonald said...

Hi Palmyra,

I totally agree i think it is beyond doubt that we have limited free will.

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