Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rebuttal to Sceptico not Skeptiko

There was a post i have come across where the poster said this blog is "Sceptico not Skeptiko" which is the podcast i often post about. I like to rebut him or her with this statement he made.

I will put his words in bold Explore the possibility that the existing materialistic paradigm might be overturned (and may already be at a tipping poin).

Standard woo. And complete drivel.

This is a common skeptical tactic to call a statement you don't agree with woo. Of course, this poster is certain that materialism is correct and no evidence is going to overturn his viewpoint.

This poster has his own woo handbook which he thinks best describes woo woos this is obviously the best he/her can do. Coming up with tactics that woo woos use he thinks is a way for him not to argue at all. How arrogant is that?.

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Simon said...

You are speaking without thinking, or researching your facts. What you just did with your "rebuttal", (which I must admit I cannot accept as a rebuttal becuase it is based on nothing but fallacy), is exactly what the evil skeptics call standard woo.

If you research into this a little more, and not just deliberately quote out of context, wich I must remind you, IS a logcal fallacy, you will discover that:

What skeptics call standard woo, is when a person makes a claim or statement, that it is based on an argument derived from a logical fallacy, thus making the argument invalid.

When you quote out of context, as you just did, without explaining the reason why skeptics use the term 'Standard woo', but just dismiss is as intellectual arrogance (which in this particular case you explicatly do), you have yourself proved just what standard woo woo is all about.


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