Friday, December 7, 2007

Ghost hunters uncover old murder

Ghost hunters uncover old murder

A team of paranormal investigators from Lancashire got more than they bargained for on their second visit to an Inn in Leyland.
During the investigation the team undertook an experiment where they asked the spirits to move a table.

The table moved suddenly and violently, then spun around several times, nearly knocking one team member off her feet.

Other strange phenomena included all of the group hearing a low pitch groan at exactly the same time, lights flickering, and unexplained sensations felt by a member of the group.

Team member Andy Proctor, from Blackburn, describes events on the night of the visit as "the most amazing night of phenomena we have ever witnessed".

The Ley Inn, in Chorley, is subject to many rumours of a hanging in the late 18th century.

During the Ouija experiment a former Inn owner Robert O'Neil and his employee James Silcock came forward.

Andy said: "Robert informed us that he once owned the land which the Ley Inn now stands on, and that he accidentally killed James Silcock, who it seems was making advances towards Robert's daughter.

"We were informed, that Robert tied up a rope and wrapped it around James' neck, in order to scare him in to leaving his daughter alone
, however, these actions resulted in James' death.

"Whether or not these stories are connected to the original claims of the hanging which took place here, we are not sure."

Fellow team member Victoria Taylor said: "We made contact with a spirit called Arabelle, who we think was Robert O'Neil's daughter.

"She was born in 1746 and died at the age of 17. She said she'd been strangled by James Silcock, which would explain her father's actions.

"We think we've solved a mystery dating back nearly 250 years."

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