Saturday, February 23, 2008

Part 2


I never did before until I started doing researching psychical research and parapsychology then it all changed. You say that everything we could know about the mind is stored in our brains first of all that is an assumption right there your referring to the production theory but there is also the transmission theory of the mind brain relationship which easily explains all the neuroscienific evidence better than the production theory because number one it takes in the data of phenomena such as stigmata, internal impressions etc also accomodates evidence of survival and psi, free will.

I agree with you on Sylvia Browne she is clearly out to get people's money. However I disagree about John Edwards which had the guts to be tested under scientific controlled conditions with Professor Gary Schwartz.

What i find funny is skeptic organizations claim to say that we are open minded to the possibility of the paranormal being real but here we have James Randi saying this about things such as acupuncture

Vista: If the results were positive, would you still be sceptical?

James Randi: Yes, I will always be sceptical of things that are not likely to be true. Now, Sophia Loren, that's a different matter.


No Leo, saying that the brain stores information regarding your personality, memories etc is not an assumption. Your brain is the only part of your body that stores such things. That is why head trauma, depending on how serious it is, can often result in personality changes, memory loss etc.

I didn't mention Sylvia Browne, although she's probably the one that makes me the angriest, but John Edwards has been caught red handed cheating. Here is one example: Note: he takes this one case which the possibility of editing to make John Edwards bad

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