Friday, November 6, 2009

Is Dualism Testable?

Of course dualism is testable and also falsifiable. The evidence that supports dualism in the form of substance dualism is very very strong, it's hard to see how educated professionals can go on denying the obvious facts. This is what this blog is all about letting the general public along with scientists know that their is overwhelming data for survival of bodily death and psi phenomena.

Keith Augustine's theory that near death experiences that just hallucinations brought on by a dying brain. It has many problems for example how does he theory account for people who blind in life can see when experiencing an out of body experience?. Also people born deaf can hear again when having an out of body experience as well. Also, the physiology of the brain completely works against his theory based on the fact that the cortex of the brain is no longer active in a lot of these cases. For, his case to work he would have to show that lower cortical processes in the brain can somehow take over the function of higher ones in cardiac arrest. However that has never happened. Yes their is no doubt their is undetected brain activity that can't be picked up by EEG however those have not been discovered in deeper areas of the brain that are not of the cortex part of the brain.

I am happy to say that I know some people have found some very good information on this blog of mine. So I will definitely continue this blog. Their has been a lot of things lately happening in my life, such as i went for an interview to get on a job program. Today i took a CAAT test to test my IQ. It was very fun to do.

If i get the job program it looks like i will indeed be much better off than i am now. Which is a very good thing for sure. I have lately been think a lot about the h1n1 vaccine and this shortage problem well i know i will definitely be getting the shot as well as the seasonal flu shot. Starting too see how of the christmas commericals on tv lately it is wonderful. I love christmas time it's my favorite holiday.

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