Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Fear Of Death Is It Really Necessary?

Why are we humans so afraid of death?. There are numerous reasons why we are some of them that come to mind are:

1.] The fear of torture in hell
2.] Ceasing to be nothing after death
3.] Fear of leaving all living loved ones alone
4.] It being painful

Those seem to be the obvious ones, i for one no longer fear death as much as i used too. However i do still fear it to an extent based on the fact that nothing is certain. I for one am leading to two possible scenarios that seem more probable now then they did before. That is when i used to think death was the end of my consciousness. Those two scenarios are

1. Super ESP- an infinite amount of information in the universe that mediums just tap into and then becomes no evidence that mediums are communicating with souls from the otherside.

2. Some kind of an afterlife- This one seems more probable based on all of the available evidence we have. In the end, it all comes down to a matter of choice will you be someone who believes that death is the end of personality, memories etc?. Or someone who believes all of the evidence for life after death can be explained by a super ESP theory?. Last but not least believe that the evidence that is opposed to the current view of science point towards life after death. If we all knew for certain that their is an afterlife tommorrow i am sure it wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. Because people would want to commit suicide just to be with their loved ones on the otherside.

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