Monday, January 25, 2010

Dualism Is Long Long Dead Assert The Materialists

I have read this from a lot of materialists saying this very thing. Without actually weighing the evidence against materialists in the first place. As i have mentioned many many times on this blog the massive amounts of evidence, that do not fit into an materialist worldview. The claim that mind is an aspect of the brain for example is reverted by many lines of evidence one of them is the fact that near death experiences are occurring when someone is having a flat EEG. How do we know this?.

This is because the patterns strongly show that these experiences are happening for a long period of time. Now their is minimal activity going on but would it support consciousness when your flat lined no it wouldn't. So clearly, flat EEG ndes refute the view that mind is an aspect of brain activity along with other materialist theories of mind and brain.

Here is a good example of a materialist claiming there fmri's reading people's thoughts provides more nails in the coffin of dualism.

However, their obvious is a way to interpret this rationally in a dualist view. Simply by saying that no dualist denies that the brain and it's subconscious parts play a big role in controlling our decisions. This doesn't mean we have no free will at all, but that we have limited free will. Materialist's would say we need full blown free will to the extent that we have control over everything that happens to us. Which isn't true we obviously, don't and that isn't what is require to postulate the possibility of a soul surviving the demise of the physical body.

Also if you notice in the video where the scientist says i wouldn't call it hostaging because it implies a dualism between your conscious mind and your brain activity. So as you see this scientist is ignoring the possible alternative open minded scientist?. But no surprise either simply following the current worldview doesn't want to go against the grail.

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